Bible Proficiency Project
Week 39, 2019

I.      Monday – Esther 6-10

1.      Why did the King desire to honor Mordecai in chapter 6?

2.     What was Haman’s intention for Mordecai?

3.     What request did Esther make to the King at her banquet?

4.     What holy day is the 13th of Adar and what is remembered?

5.     What would you say is the great theme and lesson of the book of Esther for God’s people?

II.     Tuesday – Ezra 7-10

1.      In chapter 7 what does Artaxerxes promise?

2.     What do you learn about Ezra’s private devotion in 7:10?

3.     Who protected Israel on their journey in 8:21-23, 31?

4.     What sin did Ezra discover when he came to Jerusalem?

5.     What was Ezra’s instruction before work could start?

III.    Wednesday – Nehemiah 1-5

1.      Who was Nehemiah?

2.     What was Nehemiah’s plan to repair the city walls?

3.     How were the enemy attacks handled in chapter 4?


IV.    Thursday – Nehemiah 6-7

1.      What three methods were attempted to stop the building process in chapter 6?

2.     How many days did it take to finish the work on the wall?

3.     What problem did they face according to chapter 7 and what was the population count?

V.     Friday –Nehemiah 8-10

1.      What purpose does Ezra’s reading the Law before all serve?

2.     What is the Feast of Booths?

3.     What is the purpose of fasting and why do you think chapter 9 goes to lengths to describe the sinful

        history of the nation with the fast?

4.     What is meant in 10:29 that they “entered into a curse and an oath” and what is that to be compared

         to in the church today?  

VI.    Saturday – Nehemiah 11-13, Psalm 126

1.      What was the purpose of the “Thanksgiving Choirs” and should the church have choirs like this?

2.     In 13:15-20 Nehemiah addresses how the Sabbath is being abused.

        What things were being done that Nehemiah identifies as Sabbath-breaking?

3.     Has God’s requirement for keeping the Sabbath changed or loosened today?

4.     What was Nehemiah’s solution to guard the Sabbath and what should we be doing today in this



VII.   Sunday – Malachi 1-4

1.      What is the burden of the word of the LORD addressed in Malachi?

2.     What covenants does Malachi discuss in this book?

3.     In 4:5 who is this one called Elijah the prophet who will be sent (see Mt. 11:14)?