Bible Proficiency Project
Week 9, 3/2 - 3/7, 2020

I.     Monday —Matthew 9:18-34, Mark 5:21-43, Luke 8:40-56  West Shore

1.     In the healing of the woman in Matthew’s account, why is faith singled out over the details?

2.    In the same story, why do you think Mark and Luke go into greater detail?

3.    Why do you think that the woman sought to touch Jesus secretly?

4.    What can you glean about the ruler whose daughter was dying and why might his coming to Jesus be a


II.    Tuesday — Matthew 13:53-58, Mark 6:1-6  Nazareth Rejection

1.     What was Jesus’ own country?

2.    What were all “these things” that the people were offended by and why?

3.    What do you think is meant by Jesus went around in a “circuit” preaching (Mark 6:6)?

III.   Wednesday — John 5:1-47  2nd Jerusalem Temple Visit

1.     What were the “pilgrimage feasts” where the men were required to attend?

2.    Who was accused of breaking the Sabbath in this episode and who was really breaking the Sabbath and


3.    Is there any application for the church today in this story?

4.    What are the benefits of believing according to verse 24?

5.    What things does Jesus say testify that He is the Son of Man?

IV.   Thursday – Matthew 9:35-11:1    The Twelve Sent Out

1.     Why was Jesus moved with compassion in 9:36 and what is the solution to this problem?

2.    What was Jesus’ purpose for empowering the 12 disciples with power over unclean spirits and healing


3.    Why do you think the disciples were only to go to the “lost sheep” of Israel on this first missionary journey?

4.    What do you think made someone “worthy” for the disciples to stay with?

5.    What is the context and how is the principle in 10:16 to be employed in the Christian’s daily life?

6.    The Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. How does 10:28 teach a similar idea?

7.    What does Jesus mean in 10:39 about losing your life?

V.   Friday — Mark 6:7-13, Luke 9:1-6    Twelve Sent Out (cont.)

1.     What is the significance of shaking the dust off your feet when someone will not receive you?

2.    The disciples were to depend on others to provide for their physical needs. Why?

VI.   Saturday —Matthew 14:1-12, Mark 6:14-29, Luke 3:19-20 & 9:7-9   Herod’s Sin

1.     Research who Josephus was and what was his book Antiquities of the Jews all about?

2.    What does it mean that Herod was a “tetrarch”?

3.    Who wanted John the Baptist killed and why?

4.    Who was Herodias the wife of? What does this mean regarding divorce?

5.        Who did Herod think Jesus was when he heard about His works?