Bible Proficiency Project
Week 6, 2/10- 2/15, 2020

I.     Monday — Matthew 5:1-16   The Beatitudes

1.     Describe in what way, listing each stage, that the Beatitudes can be viewed as the progression of


2.    In what way does persecution become a blessing in the Christian’s life?

3.    What is the significance of salt as Jesus uses it as an illustration?

4.    What kind of things does the Christian do to function as light in the world?

II.    Tuesday — Luke 6:20-36  The Beatitudes

1.     Are these Beatitudes in Luke 6 the same event as the Sermon on the Mount? Why or why not?

2.    Why does Jesus address the woe upon the rich and how is this connected to verse 23?

3.    What signs and warnings are contrasted in verses 23 and 26?

4.    Based on verses 27-36 how is the Christian attitude to be radically different from the world?

5.    Sum up in a simple principle Jesus’ teaching regarding our attitude toward those who would be our


III.   Wednesday — Matthew 5:17-37  The Law

1.     What is the difference between destroying the Law and fulfilling it?

2.    Some say that Jesus abrogated certain parts of the Law. What does abrogated mean and did Jesus

       abrogate any part of the Law so that it is no longer in effect today?

3.    What does the phrase you have heard it said to those of old refer to?

4.    What kind of observance of the Law is Jesus stressing in this section?

IV.  Thursday – Matthew 5:38-48  Love

1.     Do the verses 38-42 pertain to how you respond to other Christians or unbelievers?

2.    Who is your neighbor according to these verses?

3.    In what way can the Christian be “perfect”  just as your Father in heaven is perfect?

V.    Friday —Matthew 6:1-23, Luke 11:1-14  The Lord’s Prayer

1.     What does Jesus give us in His teaching the Lord’s Prayer?

2.    What is Jesus teaching against in this section?

3.    How does the audience/context of this teaching differ between Matthew and Luke?

4.    What does Jesus teach us about the Father’s willingness to respond to our prayers?

VI.   Saturday —Matthew 6:24-34, Luke 12:22-34   Do Not Worry

1.     How does Jesus' teaching in these two sections address worry and what is the remedy?