Bible Proficiency Project
Week 33, 8/17 - 8/23, 2020

I.     Monday — 1Corinthians 12-13   Unity, Diversity & Love

1.     What are the spiritual gifts that are in view in chapter 12?  

2.    Where do these gifts come from and for what purpose?

3.    What is the main point that Paul makes regarding the diversity within the church?

4.    How should those who see themselves as “less important” members in the church understand their role?

5.    Is it wrong to desire gifts of the Spirit, and what is meant by the best gifts?

6.    In considering all of the qualities of love in chapter 13, why do you think it is considered the greatest of the

       gifts and where does it come from?

7.    In 13:10 what is the perfect that is yet to come?

II.    Tuesday — 1Corinthians 14  Church Order

1.     Why does Paul encourage prophesy as a desired gift second only to love?

2.    What does Paul mean in v. 2 that he who speaks in tongues does not speak to men, but to God?

3.    What does Paul say in verses 13-19 is essential in speaking tongues in the church?

4.    Who are to be the benefactors of the gift of tongues and of prophesying?

5.    What is the context of Paul’s statement in verse 33 (see v. 40)?

6.    Did Paul forbid women from speaking at all in the church in v. 34-35?

III.   Wednesday — 1Corinthians 15 Resurrection

1.     What is the gospel that Paul preached?

2.    What was being taught in Corinth that contradicted the gospel?

3.    What is the logical conclusion that flows from saying there is no resurrection, and how does Paul defeat

       this claim?

4.    Why does Paul say in v. 33 do not be deceived: evil company corrupts good habits?

5.    Will our resurrected bodies be the same as our earthly bodies?

IV.   Friday – 1Corinthians 16 The Collection

1.     When and how does one determine the amount that is to be given in the collection?

2.    What final exhortation does Paul give in v. 14 to sum up his letter?

V.    Sunday — Acts 19:23-20:1  The Ephesus Riot

1.     How long had Paul been in Ephesus and what was he doing, and where did he plan to go from there? 

2.    Who created civil unrest in Ephesus and why?  

3.    Where did they believe their idol of Diana came from?

4.    Who quieted the mob and how did he get them to disperse?

5.    Should Christians participate in unlawful assemblies like BLM?