Bible Proficiency Project
Week 4, 1/27- 2/1, 2020

I.     Monday — John 4:1-45 Travel Through Samaria

1.     Why do you think Jesus departed for Galilee because of the Pharisees knowing His disciples were now

       baptizing more than John the Baptist?

2.    What is the gift of God Jesus is referring to in verse 10 and what does it mean in regards to salvation?

3.    Why did the Samaritan woman come alone to the well and what does that say about the kind of people

       that are in the kingdom of heaven?

4.    Why does Jesus say the hour is coming in terms of a change in worship and what will that change be?

5.    What lesson is there in how the disciples felt about Jesus talking to this Samaritan woman?

6.    Why was the Samaritan woman so enthusiastic about telling others to come to hear Jesus?

7.    What is the food Jesus refers to in verse 32 and can we find the same kind of food? 


II.    Tuesday — Matthew 4:12-22, Mark 1:14-20, Luke 4:14-30  Galilee Ministry 

1.     Is there a connection between Jesus’ disciples baptizing more than John along with John’s arrest that

       leads Jesus to head to Galilee?

2.    What do the words in Mt. 4:17 from that time and in Mk. 1:15 the time is fulfilled mark as the beginning of?

3.    Are all Christians called to be fishers of men and do we need to be taught to do this?

4.    In what way does Luke 4:18 apply only to Jesus as the Messiah and how will that come into play in


5.    Explain how Jesus was allowed to teach in the Synagogue in Nazareth and how were His words received?

       Is it easy or hard to witness to unbelieving family members and why?

III.   Wednesday — Mark 1:21-28, Luke 4:31-37  Jesus’ Authoritative Teaching

1.     Why does Jesus go to teach in the Synagogues and in what way do the people say His teaching is unique?

2.    In Jesus’ casting out the demon for what purpose is the demon cast out?

IV.   Thursday – Matthew 8:14-17, Mark 1:29-34   Healings

1.     Jesus revealed His power over the demons by casting them out, and now with Peter’s Mother-in-law

       reveals His power over what?

2.    How important did Jesus’ ability to heal contribute to His ministry and why was it important?

V.    Friday —Luke 4:38-41  Jesus Casts Out the Demons

1.     What is amazing about Peter’s Mother-i-law’s reaction to being healed?

2.    How does her response show what our response should be to the work of God?

3.    Who do the demon spirits say Jesus is and does Jesus deny it?

VI.   Saturday —Matthew 4:23-25, Mark 1:35-39, Luke 4:42-5:11  The Multitudes

1.     Where is Gennesaret in relation to Capernaum?

2.    How does Jesus accommodate teaching the multitude here?

3.    What can you conclude that Simon (Peter) had been doing all night?

4.    Do you think Peter is serious about Jesus getting away from him in Luke 5:8 and why does he ask this?

5.    What lesson does Jesus teach in the story of the full dragnet and in what way does that lesson come true?