Bible Proficiency Project
Week 27, 7/6 - 7/10, 2020


I.     Monday —Acts 3-5

1.     What is the surprising element in this healing of the lame man?  

2.    How does Peter identify where the power to heal came from (v. 13-15)?

3.    What is meant by the restoration of all things (v. 21)?

4.    Why were the religious leaders “disturbed” in ch. 4 and again in ch. 5 and how did Peter answer them?

5.    What was the sin of Ananias and Sapphira?

6.    Who was Gamaliel and what did he propose regarding the apostles?

II.    Tuesday —  Acts 6:1-8:3

1.     What was the controversy in the church in Jerusalem and how was it tackled?

2.    What was Stephen accused of in ch. 6 and why?

3.    What was the content of Stephen’s sermon and his conclusion?

4.    What was Stephen’s prayer for those who persecuted him?

5.    What prominent figure arises at this point and how was he connected to Stephen?

III.   Wednesday — Acts 8:4-40

1.     What does Philip’s preaching in Samaria fulfill (Acts 1:8)?

2.    Why did John and Peter come to Samaria and how is this significant?

3.    What misconception did Simon the Sorcerer have and what happened?

4.    What is significant about Philip’s being “sent” to the Ethiopian?

IV.   Thursday – Acts 9 

1.     What was going on in Jerusalem that caused the gospel to be spread to other regions?

2.    Why did Saul travel to Damascus and what happened on the way?

3.    What was Ananias’ response to God’s sending him to Saul?

4.    What was Saul a “chosen vessel” for?

5.    What happened when Saul began preaching the gospel?  

6.    What is important about Dorcas’ resurrection?

V.    Friday (Sunday) — Acts 10  Peter’s Missionary Work

1.     Why did Cornelius send for Peter?

2.    How did Peter’s vision prepare him for the call to go to the Gentiles?

3.    What is the lesson for the church in this episode (v. 34)?

4.    How was this lesson confirmed to the Jewish Christians?