Bible Proficiency Project
Week 26, 6/29 - 7/3, 2020


I.     Monday —Matthew 28:1-8, Mark 16:1-8, Luke 24:1-11, John 20:1-18 Jesus’ Resurrection

1.     Which women returned to the tomb and when?

2.    What happened before the women arrived at the tomb?

3.    Did Jesus need the stone to be rolled away to come out of the tomb?

4.    How many angels were at the tomb and what was said?

5.    How does the angel’s call to action dovetail with Jesus’ instruction?

6.    In what way is Mary Magdalene a central figure in this episode?

II.    Tuesday —  Matthew 28:9-10, Mark 16:9-14, Luke 24:12-43, John 20:19-23  Jesus’ Appearances

1.     Who else did Jesus appear to besides Mary Magdalene?

2.    What was Jesus' purpose in appearing to the two travelers on the road to Emmaus?

3.    What do we know about these two men?

4.    How does Jesus address their understanding of the person who should redeem Israel?

5.    What happens when Jesus appears to the disciples?

6.    Do you think Mark 16:14 is Jesus’ first appearance or is it the second mentioned in John 20:26?

III.   Wednesday — Matthew 28:11-20, Luke 24:44-53, John 20:24-21:25 The Eighth Day: week 2

1.     Matthew 28:11-15 accounts for the guard's report from the tomb. How did the chief priests react to the


2.    When did Jesus appear to the disciples a second time?

3.    According to John 20:30-31, why does he limit what he has written?

4.    Where is the third appearance and what are the disciples doing?

5.    What is the essence of Jesus’ words to Peter following breakfast?

6.    Mt 28:16-20 & Mk 16:15-18 are given when?

IV.   Thursday – Mark 16:19-20, Luke 24:50-53, Acts 1  Jesus’ Ascension 

1.     When and from where did Jesus ascend?

2.    Why did Jesus tell them to return to Jerusalem and wait for what?

3.    What did they ask Jesus?

4.    What was Jesus' answer and how is it tied to ministry?

5.    Describe Jesus’ ascension and what the angels said.  

6.    How was the 12th disciple spot filled?

V.    Friday (Sunday) — Acts 2  The Day of Pentecost Fulfilled 

1.     Why is it called Pentecost and what does it celebrate?

2.    How are we to understand tongues-speaking by the Disciples?

3.    What is fulfilled here?

4.    How would you reconcile God’s goodness and human evil using Acts 2:23?

5.    What does Peter call everyone to do in v. 38 and who is the promise for?  

6.    What happened after this sermon?



I.     Monday —Matthew 28:1-8, Mark 16:1-8, Luke 24:1-11, John 20:1-18 Jesus’ Resurrection

1.     Each of the Gospels records this slightly differently. John simply speaks of Mary Magdalene, while Luke

       gives no specific person but speaks of they and some women. The they referred to the women who had

       followed Joseph to the tomb which we learned were Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, being Jesus’

       mother. Mark speaks of a third Mary also known as Salome, who the wife of James. These three had

       bought spices at the end of the Sabbath (Saturday evening) in order to come to the tomb and anoint the

       dead body. The Gospels record that they came before the sun came up arriving just at the break of day.

2.    An angel of the Lord had come down, and accompanied by a great earthquake, had rolled the stone away

       from the tomb door, and sat upon it awaiting the arrival of the women. All of this had frozen the soldiers in


3.    The Gospels do not speak of Jesus walking out at this time which may well mean He had simply walked

       out through the stone door. We know this is a possibility because He will walk through a locked door to

       see the disciples.

4.    Even though Matthew and Mark only record on the angel’s presence, Luke and John both speak of there

       being two. John is the most specific as He records a scene of the two positioned resembling the mercy

       seat in the holy of holies. In each account, the angels seek to relieve the fears of those present and to

       confirm that Jesus was resurrected as He said He would.

5.    They told the women to go and tell the disciples that Jesus is risen – “as He said” and they are to meet

       Him in Galilee which He had told them on Thursday night in the Mt. of Olives in Matthew 26:32.

6.    It appears throughout this chapter that Mary Magdalene took a leadership role in Jesus' burial both at the

       cross and at the tomb. She appears to have coordinated obtaining the spices, was first to arrive at the

       tomb, and was the first to whom Jesus appeared.  She is the picture of devoted love.

II.    Tuesday —  Matthew 28:9-10, Mark 16:9-14, Luke 24:12-43, John 20:19-23  Jesus’ Appearances

1.     From Luke, we conclude that the other women (see Mt. 28:8-9) caught up to Mary Magdalene and became

       witnesses as well since they were involved in telling the apostles (Lk 24:10). Then Jesus appeared to the

       two on the Road to Emmaus.

2.    One might conclude that it was so they could go and convince the disciples that Jesus was alive. But as

       the tale unfolds Mark reports that they did not believe the two. So it seems that this may have served more

       to confirm the rebuke Jesus delivers in 16:14 when Jesus appears to them.

3.    They were disciples, not of the eleven, who had been with the disciples and had heard the report of the

       women and John and Peter that the tomb was empty.

4.    They still clung to the idea that the Messiah would establish a political kingdom. But Jesus takes them

       through the OT promises and showed them that the Christ was to suffer exactly as Jesus had suffered and

       died to redeem the people.

5.    Luke reports that while the two were recounting their encounter with Jesus that He appears amid the

       room. But as they had continued to deny and not believe the reports that Jesus was alive, even standing in

       front of them they still think He is dead and this must be a ghost appearance. In Jesus' demonstration that

       He was resurrected, He uses physical evidence.

6.    It makes more sense to associate this with the first appearance where, in the presence of the two

       witnesses, and having given physical evidence of His resurrection, He then deals with them for their


III.   Wednesday — Matthew 28:11-20, Luke 24:44-53, John 20:24-21:25 The Eighth Day: week 2

1.     Even with the eyewitness report from the guards, the chief priests are still so committed to protecting their

       position that they reject and cover up the report.

2.    John 20:26 records the second encounter being eight days later. At this appearance Thomas, who was

       absent the first appearing, is confronted by Jesus and pressed to believe with confidence.

3.    The implication is that much more could be written but this is the content needed to believe and have life

       (see John 21:25).

4.    In Galilee where they had been fishing all night. In the morning Jesus appears onshore and asks if they

       have food. Having caught no fish, Jesus said to cast on the other side of the boat and they did and had a

       huge by which they knew it was the Lord. But amazing  Mt 28:17 records that some still doubt His

       resurrection even at this point so by this appearing He lays to rest all doubts.

5.    This is referred to as Peter being restored to ministry. Peter had betrayed the Lord and through the three

       questions, do you love Me, presses Peter to embrace his calling to shepherd the flock of God.

6.    In both accounts, this great commission appears these are summary statements given at some point over

       the 40 days and the history is compressed here.

IV.  Thursday – Mark 16:19-20, Luke 24:50-53, Acts 1  Jesus’ Ascension 

1.     Forty days after His resurrection while Mt. Olivet near Bethany.

2.    For the pouring out of the Holy Spirit.

3.    Will You restore the kingdom to Israel now?

4.    No. But, after you receive the power of the Holy Spirit, you will become witnesses for Me from Jerusalem to

       the end of the earth.

5.    He physically rose until He disappeared in the clouds.  The angels said why are you gazing up, Jesus will

       return in the same way, but for now, you need to head to Jerusalem.

6.    Men were nominated by the body who met the qualifications of having been followers of Jesus from the

       baptism of John to the ascension. Two were chosen: Joseph/Justus & Matthias. They then prayed for God

       to reveal His choice through the casting of lots/ballot.

V.   Friday (Sunday) — Acts 2  The Day of Pentecost Fulfilled 

1.     It is celebrated 50 days after Passover and marking the first harvest of barley wheat. It is known as a first-

       fruits celebration. In its fulfillment, the church views this as the first-fruits of Christ’s resurrection with the

       pouring out of the Holy Spirit and the empowerment or birth of the NT church with greater privileges.

2.    They heard in their own languages.

3.    The prophecy of Joel  2:28-32 promising pouring out of the Holy Spirit.

4.    God accomplishes His will even through using human  wickedness to bring about good.

5.    To repent and be baptized (join the church) to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit which is promised to you

       and your children.

6.    About 3,000 were baptized that day and the church continued to grow rapidly in Jerusalem.