Bible Proficiency Project
Week 23, 6/8 - 6/12, 2020

Thursday / April

I.     Monday —John 13:1-17 &  31-35 Footwashing

1.     When does the foot-washing take place?

2.    Why would Peter have been surprised that Jesus was going to wash their feet?

3.    Did Jesus expect His disciples to understand what He was doing at that moment?

4.    What was the lesson that Jesus taught His disciples about leadership?

5.    What is the primary characteristic of the Christian’s life that witnesses to the grace of God?

II.    Tuesday —  Matthew 26:30-35, Mark 14:26-31, Luke 22:31-38, John 13:36-38  Peter’s Boast

1.     Where are we on the timeline?

2.    Is Jesus’ warning directed at Peter or all of the disciples?

3.    What did Jesus predict will happen after Peter boasts that he will never deny the Lord?

4.    What did Jesus predict would happen after He rose?

5.    Why does Jesus appeal to the shepherd analogy?

III.   Wednesday — John 14:1-15:25 Farewell Discourse

1.     Why is this section called the Farewell Discourse?

2.    Describe how Jesus explains what happens at our death from His discussion on the Father’s House?

3.    Why does verse 6 eliminate any other possibility besides faith in Jesus as how to get to heaven?

4.    What does Jesus say loving Him will result in?

5.    What do we learn about the Holy Spirit in this discourse?

6.    What does the illustration of the vine instruct us about our relationship with Jesus?

7.    According to 15:11 what motivates Jesus in His teaching the disciples?

8.    What is the greatest expression of love and in what ways is this accomplished in the believer’s life?

9.    Why should Christians expect to be persecuted by the world?

IV.   Thursday – John 15:26-16:33  The Comforter

1.     Why does Jesus say it is to the advantage of the believer that He goes away?

2.    Who sends the Holy Spirit to us?

3.    What is the primary work of the Holy Spirit when He comes?

4.    Jesus said the disciples would have sorrow, but that it would be turned to joy in verse 20. Is this a time for

       the church to be filled with joy or not and why?

5.    According to John 16:33 explain how the Christian has either tribulation now or peace now?

V.    Friday — John 17:1-26  The High Priestly Prayer

1.     Why is John 17 called Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer?

2.    How are preparations made for keeping the Passover?

3.    What divine attribute does verse 5 teach us about Jesus?

4.    Who does Jesus NOT pray for according to verse 9?

5.    In the immediate sense of that night who did Jesus pray for in verses 10-19 and what was that prayer?

6.    What did Jesus mean when He said sanctify them and by what means?

7.    Does Jesus only pray for the 12 in this chapter?

8.    What does Jesus want the impact of believers being united to Him and the Father to be upon the world

       according to verses 21 and 23?



I.     Monday —John 13:1-17 &  31-35 Footwashing

1.     The NKJV records that this takes place at the end of the Supper.

2.    A little background is that even a master could not require his Jewish servant to wash his feet, only a non-

       Jewish slave could be required to do this. So Peter sees this act as unheard of and beneath his Master.

3.    Many of Jesus’ lessons for the disciples were designed to equip them for the ministry and development of

       the NT church which would be radically different in its mission and in its leadership model and method than

       what Judaism utilized.

4.    That the Christian leader must be first and foremost a servant of God’s people.

5.    Love for one another.

II.    Tuesday —  Matthew 26:30-35, Mark 14:26-31, Luke 22:31-38, John 13:36-38  Peter’s Boast

1.     This is following the Passover in the Upper Room on Thursday night and they have retreated to the Mount

       of Olives.

2.    Matthew and Mark record that Jesus directs His comments that they will all be offended at Me this night,

       but Luke and John confine the interaction to a focus on Peter.  The Peter part of the conversation in

       Matthew and Mark comes in after Peter says he would never deny the Lord and that part of the

       conversation is recorded in all four Gospels.

3.    That Peter would deny he knew Jesus three times that night and then a cock would crow.

4.    He would go before them into Galilee.

5.    He is predicting His death to calm the minds of the disciples who will be scattered while separated from

       the Shepherd over the next three days. But when the Shepherd returns He will gather and protect the


III.   Wednesday — John 14:1-15:25 Farewell Discourse

1.     Because Jesus teaches on matters regarding why He is going away and what final instructions and

       commandments He leaves them with.

2.    This is a picture of heaven, but what is interesting is that He speaks of coming again to receive you

       (singular) to Himself so that the believer will join Jesus where He is when one dies.

3.    Because Jesus states plainly He is the way, the truth, and the life. And no one gets to the Father except

       through faith in Jesus as the only Savior.

4.    In verse 15 Jesus said if you love Me keep My commandments.

5.    That Jesus, through the Father, sends the Holy Spirit to dwell with and in us as a helper to lead us into truth

       (vv. 16-18, 26) The Holy Spirit’s presence is to be received and understood as in place of Jesus’ presence

       with us in the world.

6.    Jesus is the source of our spiritual life and the evidence of that is the kind of fruit that is borne in our lives.

7.    That the nature of our joy is spiritual and Christ-like and that Jesus desires that we would be filled with this


8.    The greatest expression is one’s willingness to lay down their life for his friends, but that can be done in

       other ways besides dying. It is also expressed when one makes living for the sacrificial good of others

       one’s greatest desire and priority.

9.    Because they persecuted Jesus.

IV.   Thursday – John 15:26-16:33  The Comforter

1.     So that He will send the Holy Spirit (v. 7).

2.    In 14:16 Jesus said the Father sends the Holy Spirit and in 16:7 Jesus said that He will send us the Holy

       Spirit so the church confesses that both the Father and Son send the HS.

3.    To guide us into the truth (v. 13); and to glorify the name of Jesus (v. 14).

4.    Jesus was speaking of the time of His death would bring sorrow to the disciples but a joy to the world.

       But His resurrection would be to the joy of the church.

5.    Jesus speaks about the context of our relationship first to the world which will be one of tribulation (a

       temporary condition), and second to being in Christ which produces peace in the soul. The Christian has

       both at once.

V.   Friday — John 17:1-26  The High Priestly Prayer

1.     John 17 is Jesus praying to the Father on behalf of the Church in His High Priestly office. He is our

       advocate with the Father.  1Timothy 2:5  For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men,

       the Man Christ Jesus.

2.    Jesus sends Peter and John to look for a man carrying a pitcher full of water. This is designed to affirm

       again Jesus' divine nature and control of all events. Every detail that Jesus had said to them was just as He

       said it.

3.    His eternal nature.

4.    He does not pray for the world which reveals that He is a mediator only to the elect (verse 6 the men whom

       You have given Me out of the world).

5.    He prays in particular for the twelve disciples minus Judas. He prays that while they are still in the world

       after His ascension that they would be preserved, and sanctified by God’s truth.

6.    The word sanctify means to set apart or make holy. In the believer’s life, this is done when God’s truth

       which is the Word of God transforms the way one thinks and lives.

7.    No. He goes on in verse 20 to make clear that those who would come after and would believe in Jesus

       based on the testimony of the 12 are also in view.

8.    That the world might believe that He was sent of God and that God has poured His love out upon the