Bible Proficiency Project
Week 3, 1/20 - 1/25, 2020

I.     Monday — Luke 3:23-38 Jesus’ Genealogy

1.     In what way is Luke’s genealogy different from that of Matthew?


II.    Tuesday — Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:12-13, Luke 4:1-13  Jesus’ Temptation

1.     What characterized Jesus’ temptation contrasted to the way we are tempted?

2.    Why do Luke and Matthew present the three temptations in a different order?

III.   Wednesday — John 1:35-51  Public Ministry Begins

1.     Why does John present Jesus’ first disciples as coming from the testimony of the Baptist?

2.    Who were Jesus’ first disciples and where did they come from?

3.    What was Andrew’s method of “evangelism” after he met Jesus?

4.    On what basis did Philip tell Nathanael to come to meet Jesus?

5.    What is significant about Jesus’ prediction in verse 51?

IV.   Thursday – John 2:1-12  First of the Seven Signs  

1.     John uses Jesus’ signs to emphasize what point?

2.    What was significant about this first sign?

3.    Describe what the waterpots were and what they were normally used for?

4.    Is there any message in Jesus’ using the water of the waterpots to make wine?


V.   Friday —John 2:13-25   1st Temple Visit

1.    John reports this at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry and the Synoptics during the Passion.

       How can this be explained?

2.    What did Jesus do when He was in the Temple and why?

3.    What lesson should the church learn from this action by Jesus?

4.    What kind of “believing” do you think this is in verse 23?

VI.  Saturday —John 3:1-36

1.     Who was Nicodemus?

2.    What question was on Nicodemus' mind that was never asked but was answered?

3.    What does Jesus say being saved is like?

4.    What does the water and the Spirit represent in Jesus’ illustration?

5.    Describe what the Serpent in the Wilderness was?

6.    How would Nicodemus have understood Jesus’ appeal to the Serpent in the Wilderness?

7.    What is the context of John 3:16?

8.    What is the standing of those who have not believed the Son?