First Reformed Church

Order of Worship

November 29, 2020

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!"  -  Psalm 106:1

First Day of Advent


We offer you a warm welcome today. If you have joined us for the first time we desire that the good news of the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ will stir your soul.




 Call to Worship

 Gloria Patri & Invocation    

 Confession of Faith - The Law of God 




​ Hymn      Blessing and Honor and Glory                                                         219



Blessing and honor and glory and power,
Wisdom and riches and strength evermore
Give ye to him who our battle hath won,
Whose are the Kingdom, the crown, and the throne.

Soundeth the heav'n of the heav'ns with his Name;
Ringeth the earth with his glory and fame;
Oceans and mountain, stream, forest, and flower
Echo his praises and tell of his power.

Ever ascendeth the song and the joy;
Ever descendeth the love from on high;
Blessing and honor and glory and praise—
This is the theme of the hymns that we raise.

Give we the glory and praise to the Lamb;
Take we the robe and the harp and the palm;
Sing we the song of the Lamb that was slain,
Dying in weakness, but rising to reign.

Heidelberg Catechism, Lord's Day 48

123. What is the second petition?


“Thy kingdom come,” that is, so govern us by Thy Word and Spirit, that we submit ourselves to Thee always more and more; preserve and increase Thy Church; destroy the works of the devil, every power that exalts itself against Thee, and all wicked devices formed against Thy Holy Word, until the fulness of Thy kingdom come, wherein Thou shalt be all in all.

Congregational Prayer

Hymn    Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates                                                   146

Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates!
Behold, the King of glory waits;
The King of kings is drawing near,
The Saviour of the world is here.
Life and salvation he doth bring,
Wherefore rejoice and gladly sing:
We praise thee, Father, now,
Creator, wise art thou!

A Helper just he comes to thee,
His chariot is humility,
His kingly crown is holiness,
His scepter, pity in distress.
The end of all our woe he brings;
Wherefore the earth is glad and sings:
We praise thee, Saviour, now,
Mighty in deed art thou!

O blest the land, the city blest,
Where Christ the Ruler is confessed!
O happy hearts and happy homes
To whom this King in triumph comes!
The cloudless sun of joy he is,
Who bringeth pure delight and bliss.
We praise thee, Spirit, now,
Our Comforter art thou!

 Scripture:       Luke 1:5-25                       

 Sermon          The Herald Revealed 

                           1.  The Designated Priest

                           2. The Divine Proclamation

                           3.  The Delayed Pronouncement


Prayer of Application    


Closing Hymn     Jesus, My Great High Priest                                                222

Jesus, my great High Priest,
Offered his blood and died;
My guilty conscience seeks
No sacrifice beside.
His pow'rful blood did once atone,
And now it pleads before the Throne.

To this dear Surety's hand
Will I commit my cause;
He answers and fulfills
His Father's broken laws.
Behold my soul at freedom set;
My Surety paid the dreadful debt.

My Advocate appears
For my defense on high;
The Father bows his ears
And lays his thunder by.
Not all that hell or sin can say
Shall turn his heart, his love, away.

Should all the hosts of death
And pow'rs of hell unknown
Put their most dreadful forms
Of rage and mischief on,
I shall be safe, for Christ displays
His conqu'ring pow'r and guardian grace.

 Benediction and Doxology



​The Men’s Early Risers will meet on Tuesday, December 1 at 6:30 am to study Ch. 8 pp. 166-175 in The Whole Christ.

Women of Faith will have their Christmas Party on Tuesday, December 8 in the home of Allison Wurgler. The gift exchange will be an ornament or Christmas decoration. They are also sponsoring a family with ten children at Safe Harbor for Christmas to provide gifts and invite anyone who desires to join them to contact Deb Haak.

Looking Ahead: The Sunday School Christmas Program will be on December 13th at 6:00 pm. Practices will be Saturday the 5th and 12th at 10:00, and Sunday morning the 6th and 13th.

The Lord’s Supper will be celebrated on December 13th.

A Christmas Eve Service will be held at 4:00 pm.

FRC Decals for First Reformed Church are available in the Fruit Stand for a love offering. These donations will go toward supporting the Wings’ chapels.

​​​​​​Listen to Pause for Thought on AM 1420 at 8:30 AM every Sunday. The Sunday morning sermons can be heard through the First Reformed website at under Sermon Audio, or by hitting the link from our Facebook page.

Offerings can now be made through direct deposit. Contact Bruce Kappes for more information on how to sign up for this service.

Prayer for . . .


OUR RESIDENTIAL HOME MEMBERS: Mrs. Emma Martel, and Mrs. Orma Vetch at Bethesda; Mrs. Donna Kappes, and Mr. Raymond Graff at Primrose.


PASTOR PHILIP CRUZ - our student in the Philippines, and recovery for the churches following the destruction during the hurricane season.