Bible Proficiency Project
Week 10, 2019

I.      Monday — Numbers 23-25

1.      In what way does King Balak resemble the motives of how many view God?

2.     Based on what principle would you say Balaam was a true or false prophet?

3.     Who is foretold will come in Balaam’s fourth prophecy?

4.     How did the people of Moab try to befriend the Israelites and how does that scheme apply to us today?

II.     Tuesday — Numbers 26-27

1.      Why was there a second census and who was to be numbered and who was excluded?

2.     What did this become the basis for?

3.     Why were the Levites not included in the inheritance?

4.     Why did Moses plead with God that someone else would be set to lead over the congregation?

III.    Wednesday — Numbers 28-30

1.      Why is God repeating His commands of what offerings to give at this point in time?

2.     God spells out the binding nature of vows in 30:2. Does this rule of the vow still hold true today in God’s


3.     What do think about the principle of the father or husband overruling the vow of a daughter or wife?

        How do you think that would be received in our culture?

        Does modern feminism set the principle of headship aside?

IV.   Thursday – Numbers 31-32

1.      What was the last act Moses was to complete before he died?

2.     What had the Midianites done to Israel that required “vengeance”?

        Do you think their actions were worse than if they had gone to battle against Israel?

3.     What was Moses’ reasoning for being angry about not killing all of the Midianite women?

4.     Why did the tribes of Reuben and Gad not want to enter into the Promised Land and what did they vow to

        do so that they could settle the area east of the Jordan River?

V.    Friday —Numbers 33-34

1.      What is recorded in chapter 33 (broadly speaking) and why is this important?

2.     What were the Israelites to do when they crossed over into the land of Canaan?

3.     What did God warn would happen in 33:55 if they left any inhabitants alive?

        Is there an application for us regarding our spiritual welfare in this warning?

4.     How specific does God get in laying out how to divide Canaan?

VI.   Saturday — Numbers 35-36

1.      Where were the Levites to live in the Promised Land?

2.     What were cities of Refuge for and why were they located in cities where Levites lived?

3.     What was the law regarding the transfer of land between tribes?

VII.  Sunday — Deuteronomy 1-2

1.      What is the meaning and purpose of the Book of Deuteronomy?

2.     When and where does this take place?

3.     How does God’s reminder of the Wilderness “sins” serve a purpose at this point in time?