Bible Proficiency Project
Week 9, 2019

I.      Monday — Numbers 7

1.      What were the carts and oxen given to the Levites to be used for?

2.     Why were the sons of Kohath not given carts?

3.     From where did God speak to Moses from?

II.     Tuesday — Numbers 8-10

1.      What was the tribe of Levites to be a substitute for?

2.     Why did God consider the first-born as “belonging” to Him?

3.     How do the Levites belong to God in a different way from the other tribes?

4.     In what way does this concept pertain to the ministers today (see 1Timothy 5:17)?

5.     Is there any significance in the eating of the Passover that no bones were to be broken?

6.     How did the Israelites know when to travel?

III.    Wednesday — Numbers 11-13

1.      Do you think God cares about complainers in Church?

2.     What does Moses frustration point to as a necessary reality for pastors? What is God’s solution?

3.     Numbers 11:16 is the origin of the Sanhedrin. What is it and what was its purpose?

4.     It what ways might 11:29 be prophetic?

5.     What warning is there in the jealousy of Aaron and Miriam about Church leaders?

6.     Who was the voice amongst the spies who said let us go up and take it?

7.     Why were the other spies convinced they could not?

IV.    Thursday – Numbers 14-15, Psalm 90

1.      How did the people respond to the spies report? What was their plan of action?

2.     Based on Joshua and Caleb’s words, why should the church never see itself as “victims”?

3.     What was God intending to do as a result of the people’s rejection and what was the reason He did not

        carry through? How does this point to the work of the Lord Jesus?

        How does Psalm 90 come into play in this story?

4.     When the people heard that they were to die in the wilderness what did they try to?

5.     In chapter 15 the phrase as a sweet aroma to the Lord is repeated six times.

        What do you think is meant by the phrase?

6.     How should 15:39 shape our thinking, and how does it do away with the excuse I was born this way?

V.     Friday —Numbers 16-17

1.      What was the mistake in thinking that Korah and his followers made?

2.     In their standing against Moses and Aaron who were they really rejecting?

3.     What happened the next day and how did Moses and Aaron act as mediators?

4.     What sign did God use to settle who was to hold the office of the priesthood?

VI.   Saturday — Numbers 18-20

1.      Why is Moses being falsely charged in 20:4?

2.     What was Moses sin that God judged he would not enter the Promised Land?

3.     What happened on top of Mt. Hor?

VII.  Sunday — Numbers 21-22

1.      In 21:2 the people vow to “utterly destroy” their cities. This is the word devote which holds what idea?

2.     Explain why a bronze serpent was needed and what was it that saved them from the snake bites?

3.     Balaam functions as God’s prophet. What principle does he rightly understand?

        But where does he go wrong?