Bible Proficiency Project
Week 8, 2019

I.      Monday — Leviticus 19-21

1.      How many times does the phrase “I am the Lord” or “I am the Lord your God” appear in Chapter 19?  

        What is the significance of this?

2.     What lesson do we learn from the basis of God’s command in 19:2, 20:26, 21:8 to be holy?

        What does the word “holy” mean here?

3.     Why does God say not to walk in the statutes of the nations in Canaan?

4.     How particular is God about those who are to be His ministers according to chapter 21?

        Can people be disqualified from service simply because of circumstances beyond their control?

II.     Tuesday — Leviticus 22-23

1.      The phrase “I the Lord sanctify them” appears several times in this section [21:15, 23, 22:9, 16].

        What does the word “sanctify” mean, and does this apply to us today?

2.     What is a “free will” offering in 22:29 and how does it differ from other offerings?

        Do we give free will offerings today?

3.     Why do you think the Sabbath and the Annual Feasts were crucial to the life of Israel?

4.     Is the reason for keeping of the Christian Sabbath and other observances similar for us today?

III.    Wednesday — Leviticus 24-25

1.      What is blasphemy and how does it differ from cursing?

2.     Do you think God placed the concept of a pattern of a seventh rest into the whole of creation?

3.     What happens in the Jubilee year?

4.     Why does God allow slaves from other nations but not Israelites?

        Does this mean the Bible teaches slavery to be okay?


IV.    Thursday – Leviticus 26-27

1.      How does chapter 26 define covenant keeping and covenant breaking?

2.     How is the idea of blessing and curse tied to the covenant?

3.     Was God’s warning a prophetic curse that came true and if so when?

4.     What is the remedy to covenant breaking according to 26:40 and on what basis does God restore

        blessing? How is that true in the New Covenant?

5.     What does it mean when something has been “devoted” to the Lord or is under a ban [27:28-29]?

V.     Friday —Numbers 1-2

1.      What time period does the Book of Numbers cover?

2.     Who was to be numbered and why in Numbers 1?

3.     Why were the Levites not to be numbered?

4.     How was the camp of the Israelites ordered?

VI.    Saturday — Numbers 3-4

1.      How were the Levites to be numbered and why was that different from the other tribes?

2.     What transaction is taking place when God substitutes the tribe of Levi to serve Him instead of the first

        born of Israel, and what is the significance of the first born of Israel?

3.     According to Numbers 4 at what age did one begin service in the Tabernacle?

VII.   Sunday — Numbers 5-6

1.      Do you think the jealousy of the husband is a good thing where there is no evidence?

2.     What were the requirements upon one who took a Nazirite vow?

3.     What is the purpose of the Priestly blessing being pronounced in 6:23?