Bible Proficiency Project
Week 52, 2019

I       Monday — 2Timothy 1-4

1.      In 1:9 Paul speaks of a holy calling given before time began. How can we figure out what our calling is?

2.     Given the instruction of 2:15, what things should we spend our time studying?

3.     To what degree does 3:1-5 describe today / are we in the “last days”?

4.     What does a complete Christian look like based on 3:16-17?

5.     What kind of a preacher should you want based on 4:1-5?

II.     Tuesday — 2Peter 1-3, Jude 1

1.      What are we to “add” to faith and how do we go about doing that [2Pt 1:5-9]?

2.     What are the marks of the “false” teacher spelled out in 2Pt. 2?

3.     How would you explain 2Pt 3:9 in terms of the promise? (hint: remember the context)

4.     Who was Jude?

5.     What are some situations where you may have to “earnestly contend for the faith”?

III.    Wednesday — 1John 1-5

1.      What is the point that John is stressing about light and darkness in chapter 1?

2.     In 2:2 a propitiation is the removing of God’s displeasure and wrath by Jesus as He fully satisfied the

        justice and holiness of God.  John says Jesus is not only our propitiation but also for the whole world.

        What does he mean here?

3.     How would you explain John’s emphasis in 2:16 on the connection between sin and lust versus truth and


4.     What does John teach in 4:20 about the connection of loving God and loving each other as Christians

        [4:7, 11, 20]?

IV.    Thursday – 2John 1, 3John 1

1.      How does John define love in 2John 6?

2.     In 3John what was going on with Diotrephes?

V.     Friday —Revelation 1-7

1.      As you read the book what does the word “shortly” in 1:1 tell you to keep in mind?

2.     Where was John when he received this prophecy (more than geography)?

3.     Who are these “angels” of each of the seven churches?

4.     What do the words to the seven churches teach us?

5.     How do you picture heaven based on chapter 4?

6.     Why is only the Lamb worthy to break the seven seals and what are the seals about?

VI.    Saturday — Revelation 8-15

1.      What is happening with the seventh seal?

2.     What do you think the two witnesses’ purpose is?

3.     What does the sounding of the seventh trumpet signify?

4.     How sudden do you think are the events of the Second Coming going to be with all that happens?

VII.   Sunday — Revelation 16-22

1.      Do you think that the seven bowls, the seven seals, and the seven trumpets may be describing the same

        events from a different perspective?

2.     What does Babylon represent in ch. 18 and who do you think it refers to?

3.     There is a lot of controversy about the 1,000-year reign in chapter 20.

        What period do you think it refers to?

4.     How many resurrections are described in Rev 20:6 and what type of resurrection is it talking about?

5.     How would you describe the New Jerusalem?