Bible Proficiency Project
Week 51, 2019

I.      Monday — Philippians 1-4

1.      When was and from where was Philippians written (1:13 & 4:22)?

2.     What does it mean to have assurance of your faith and what is the ground for this (1:6)?

3.     How does Paul view his life and how is this a Christian principle for life (1:21)?

4.     What do we learn about and from Jesus according to 2:5-8?

5.     What life principle do we learn from 2:12-13?

6.     From what Paul says in 3:8-11 how then should we live?

7.     What confidence should we have in living a godly life (4:13)?

II.     Tuesday — 1Timothy 1-6

1.      Why are 1&2 Timothy and Titus called “pastoral epistles”?

2.     For what purpose are we to pray for “all men” according to 2:1-2?

3.     Are the qualifications in chapter 3 for a deacon or elder “special” qualifications?

4.     In what way is 6:6 &10 wise advice and how should it impact our thinking?

III.    Wednesday — Titus 1-3

1.      Who was Titus?

2.     What were the people of Crete like (1:10-16)?

3.     According to chapter 2, what goes on in a good church?

4.     What is the basis for God’s kindness and love toward us (3:4)?

IV.    Thursday – 1Peter 1-5

1.      Where and when was Peter thought to have written this letter (5:13)?

2.     What does Peter encourage us to do according to 1:13-16 and why?

3.     What does Peter mean in 2:11 when he says we are to live as sojourners and pilgrims?

4.     What value does Peter place on living in submission to your “office” in life (ch. 3 & 5:5-6)?

5.     How critical is love in Peter’s mind according to 4:8 and why?

6.     What should be the attitude of the church leader according to chapter 5?

V.     Friday —Hebrews 1-6

1.      What is the purpose or theme for the book of Hebrews?

2.     In what ways might one neglect so great a salvation (2:3) and how do we avoid that?

3.     In 4:9 the word “rest” is actually “sabbathing”. What is the implication of that word for us?

4.     What comfort is to be found in 4:15 for the believer?

5.     What problem is being confronted in 5:12?

VI.    Saturday — Hebrews 7-10

1.      Who was Melchizedek and what purpose does he serve in Hebrews in chapter 7?

2.     What is superior to the earthly tabernacle (9:11)]?

3.     What testament is being referred to in 9:16?

4.     What is the basis for our boldness to approach God (10:19)?

5.     What things help us to hold fast our confession according to 10:23-25?

6.     What profit is there in spiritual endurance according to 10:36 and why is it needed?

VII.   Sunday — Hebrews 11-13

1.      What is faith and is it without “facts” (11:1-2)?

2.     Why is chapter 11 called the Hall of Faith?

3.     What is the motivation we are taught in 12:1-2?

4.     What comfort is to be found in chastening (12:7)?

5.     What should you expect from your elders (13:7&17) and what should they expect from you?