Bible Proficiency Project
Week 6, 2019

I.      Monday — Exodus 19-21

1.      How long did it take the Hebrews to go from Egypt to the Sinai wilderness?

2.     What message did God give for Moses to speak to the children of Israel?

3.     What were the signs that God was present on Mt. Sinai?

4.     In what way was the Law first communicated to the Israelites?

5.     Did God only give the Ten Commandments as the Law at this time?

II.     Tuesday — Exodus 22-24

1.      What is the principle of restitution and how do you determine what is to be restored?

2.     What are the three feasts God commanded to be kept and what do they teach us?

3.     What is the Book of the Covenant in 24:7?

4.     What was the significance of God giving the tablets of stone when He did?

5.     What are the two primary uses or purposes of the Law of God?

III.     Wednesday — Exodus 25-27

1.      What is described in detail in Exodus 25-31?

2.     What is a tabernacle and in what ways is it different from the Temple and the same as the Temple?

3.     How were the materials for the tabernacle obtained and what was the condition for receiving them?

4.     Identify the items described that would go inside the tabernacle and what they were used for?

5.     What items were in the courtyard and what was their use?

6.     Draw a diagram of the Tabernacle.

IV.    Thursday – Exodus 28-29

1.      What items were to identify the Priesthood and what do they represent?

2.     Why was it necessary to consecrate the priests?

V.     Friday —Exodus 30-32

1.      How significant does God view the keeping of the Sabbath Law?

2.     Is there any significance in God speaking about the Sabbath last before giving the tablets and sending

        Moses away?

3.     Why was the making of the golden calf so heinous a sin?

4.     What was God’s initial response to the Israelite’s idolatry?

5.     How was God’s wrath turned aside?

6.     Was there to be any consequence for their sin?

VI.    Saturday — Exodus 33-35

1.      Why did Moses pitch his tent outside the camp?

2.     What happened the second time Moses went up on Mt. Sinai?

3.     How would you sum up the main focus of the covenant renewal?

VII.   Sunday — Exodus 36-38

1.      Would it be a good thing for Christians today to reproduce the articles from the Tabernacle for the

        purpose of using them to worship God?

2.     According to 1Corinthians 3:16-17, what is the tabernacle or temple of God and where does God dwell

        now? What does that mean about how we must keep ourselves?

3.     The veil of the Tabernacle served both the purposes of separation from and entrance to the mercy seat.

        According to Hebrews 10:19-22, how does Christ fulfill this Old Testament type?