Bible Proficiency Project
Week 49, 2019

I.      Monday — 1Corinthians 15-16

1.      What is Paul's evidence that Jesus was raised from the dead?

2.     According to 15:14, what is the consequence if Jesus really was not resurrected?

3.     How does Paul answer the question of how the dead will be raised up?

4.     Why does Paul direct the churches to take up a collection on the first day of the week [16:2]?

5.     How does 16:13-14 set an agenda for Christian living?

II.     Tuesday — 2Corinthians 1-4

1.      Based on Paul's sharing his ministry struggles, why should the church be aware of what ministers

        are going through?  

2.     What does Paul want from his ministry to the church based on 1:24?

3.     What does Paul say should be the inclination of a church in 2:3-11?

4.     Why should 3:16-18 be really exciting to us?

5.     According to 4:1 & 16 why does Paul say we should not lose heart?

III.    Wednesday — 2Corinthians 5-9

1.      What house is Paul describing in chapter 5?

2.     According to 5:14-15 what compels us not to live for self?

3.     What does Paul mean when he says “now” is the day of salvation [6:2]?

4.     In 7:1 Paul refers to promises that should propel us to action — what promises and what action?

5.     What is the pattern that Jesus establishes that Paul says we should follow [8:8]?

6.     Pastors are often sensitive to not appear to be after money, but based on 9:5-15 why is the subject

        challenging in the church and why is it also important?

7.     How should someone decide how much to give to the church?

IV.    Thursday - 2Corinthians 10-13

1.      What kind of a battle is before us and how do we fight it according to 10:3-6?

2.     What are Paul's "qualifications" as an Apostle and why is he pointing them out in 11:22-33?

3.     What "qualifications" does Paul describe in 12:12?

4.     How is Paul's challenge in 13:5 important to you and how would you go about such a test?


V.     Friday —Acts 20:1-3, Romans 1-3

1.      Paul winters over in Corinth in AD 56-57; what does he do during his stay?

2.     Why does Paul desire to come to Rome?

3.     What is the cause for God's wrath upon the wicked?

4.     Why are the Jews who have the Law and the Gentiles who do not equally guilty according to 3:23?

5.     In what way is chapter 3 important for the preaching of the gospel?

VI.    Saturday — Romans 4-7

1.      How does the faith of Abraham demonstrate that salvation is not of works?

2.     What argument is employed to show that circumcision/baptism does not save you?

3.     What does the word “imputed” mean and what is imputed to who?

4.     Paul argues for the teaching of “Federalism” in chapter 5; what is that?

5.     What is the great reversal Paul speaks of in chapter 6 and how should that shape us?

6.     According to chapter 7 in what way are we freed from the Law?

VII.   Sunday — Romans 8-10

1.      In what way are we freed from the power of sin according to 8:1?

2.     What does it mean to be "led by the Spirit of God in 8:14?

3.     Why is Romans 8:28 a source of hope to the Christian?

4.     Who does Paul have in mind in Romans 9:3?

5.     What controversial doctrine is taught in Romans 9?

        Why is it controversial?

6.     What does Paul explain is the reason for why God chooses some and not others in 9:22-24? 

7.     In what way is the gospel universal and what is the means for one to be saved?