Bible Proficiency Project
Week 48, 2019

I.      Monday – Galatians 4-6

1.      What does 4:4 say about what our view of history should focus on?

2.     What is the Christian’s relationship to liberty in Christ according to ch. 5?

3.     What are some things that need to happen in the church if we are to bear one another’s burdens?

4.     According to 6:9-10 what should be the conscious activity in the Christian’s life?

II.     Tuesday – 1Thessalonians 1-5, 2Thessalonians 1-3

1.      What was the much affliction Paul was referring to in 1:6?

2.     Why does Paul mention Philippi in 2:2?

3.     What does 2:13 teach us about how we hear the word preached?

4.     Who was the pastor in Corinth after Paul?

5.     What do we learn about the Day of the Lord from chapter 5?

6.     In 2Thessalonians 2 what additional teaching is on the Day of the Lord?

7.     According to chapter 3 how are we to interact with the disorderly brother?

III.    Wednesday – Acts 18:19-19:41

1.      What did Paul cutting his hair off signify?

2.     Paul’s passing through Ephesus marks the end of what?

3.     Who was Apollos and why might being from Alexandria be significant?

4.     How did he learn about Jesus?

5.     Paul’s departure from Antioch marks the beginning of what?

6.     What is significant about the three years Paul spends in Ephesus?

7.     What surprising thing do we learn about evil spirits in 19:15?

8.     Why were there riots in Ephesus and what was the outcome?

IV.    Thursday  - 1Corinthians 1-4

1.      What was the problem disrupting the Corinthian church?

2.     According to 1:17 and 2:4 how did Paul preach?

3.     What does it take to receive the things of God’s Spirit and why?

4.     What is it to be carnal and how is this way of life rejected?

5.     Why does Paul say in 4:9 that they were a spectacle to the world?

V.     Friday  – 1Corinthians 5-8

1.      What does God say about sexual immorality?

2.     Why does Paul say not to take a brother to court and how are we to resolve problems?

3.     What does Paul say is God’s remedy for sexual desire and how are spouses to embrace this?

4.     Why then does he encourage people to stay single in 7:26?

5.     What is the relationship between one’s conscience and Christian liberty in chapter 8?

VI.    Saturday – 1Corinthians 9-11

1.      In 9:10 why does Paul make himself a servant to all men and how does he do that?

2.     How does Paul say we should live to receive the prize?

3.     What lessons are to learn from the OT examples?

4.     What is the significance of head coverings and what are the head coverings he envisions?

5.     Why does Paul strongly set out precautions in approaching the Lord’s Table?

VII.   Sunday – 1Corinthians 12-14

1.      What is Paul’s emphasis in talking about the diversity of gifts in the context of unity?