Bible Proficiency Project
Week 47, 2019

I.      Monday – Acts 9-10

1.      Why do you think Saul was so angry about the Christians and in what ways are similar attitudes

        reflected in today’s world?

2.     Why does Jesus confront Saul about persecuting Him?

3.     In what ways does Saul evidence his being born-again?

4.     Was the church right to fear Saul in 9:26 as a normal response?

5.     In Dorcas’ resurrection by Peter what lesson is to be seen?

6.     What change is the Lord revealing in 10:15?

7.     What does Peter teach us when Cornelius seeks to worship him in 10:25?

II.     Tuesday – Acts 11-12

1.      What charge did Peter have to defend himself against in 11:2 and how did he do it?

2.     Why was the stoning of Stephen and the resulting persecution important to the Church according to


3.     What did Herod do to James, and planned to do to Peter?

4.     What forces were at work to deliver Peter from Herod’s intentions? Given the outcome, what role

        does prayer play in such situations? Which James is 12:17 referring to?

III.    Wednesday – Acts 13-14

1.      How did the church respond to God’s call of Barnabas and Saul?

2.     Why was Saul’s name changed to Paul?

3.     What principle of evangelism is set forth in 13:46 as used in Antioch?

4.     How does Iconium reflect the transition in the character of the church?

5.     Where does most of the opposition come from against Paul in his missionary work?

IV.    Thursday  - James 1-5

1.      Who is this James, and who did he primarily pastor to?

2.     What does James seem to be primarily concerned about in his letter?

3.     How does James show a good balance between the need for faith and works?

4.     In what way does James encourage humility that rests in God’s providence?

5.     What lesson should we learn in James 3 about controlling what we say?

6.     What duty does the Christian have and what is their motivation in 5:19?

V.     Friday  – Acts 15-16

1.      What were some of the main conflicts that the early church had to wrestle with?

2.     How were these resolved at the Jerusalem council?

3.     What is curious about Peter’s statement in 15:11?

4.     What does the difficulty between Paul and Barnabas teach us about team ministry?

5.     What draws Paul and Timothy together?

6.     Why were Paul and Silas imprisoned and what was the result of that event?

7.     In what way does the language of Acts 16:31 connect the OT and the NT promises?

8.     Why were the rulers afraid because they had imprisoned Paul?

VI.    Saturday – Galatians 1-3

1.      What was the reason for conflict in the Galatian church?

2.     How is this controversy related to and resolved by Acts 15 council?

3.     What was the “other” gospel based upon?

4.     What doctrine did Paul teach in chapter 3 as central to the true gospel?

VII.   Sunday – Acts 17-18:18

1.      What made the Bereans “fair-minded” in 17:11?

2.     What is the Areopagus in 17:19?

3.     What does Paul say all people have in common in 17:29 and what does that mean?

4.     Who did Paul meet in Corinth, and who was saved that led to many more believing?