Bible Proficiency Project
Week 46, 2019

I.      Monday – Matthew 27, Mark 15

1.      Why was Jesus handed over to Pilate?

2.     Why do you think Judas was so distraught that he hung himself?

3.     What was driving the multitude to call for Jesus to be crucified?  

4.     Why do you think Matthew and Mark only record one of Jesus' final sayings on the cross?

5.     Why was there a request to post guards at the tomb and what does this prove?

II.     Tuesday – Luke 23, John 18-19

1.      What is the significance of Jesus being sent between Herod and Pilate?

2.     What is the significance of Pilate declaring Jesus having “no fault in Him”?

3.     What is surprising about Jesus being buried in the tomb of Joseph?

4.     At Jesus’ arrest, what is significant about Jesus’ words “I am He”?

5.     Why is Peter’s denial a pivotal point for the rest of his life?

III.    Wednesday – Matthew 28, Mark 16

1.      How many angels were at the tomb?

2.     What is surprising about the Disciples' actions (Mt. 28:7)?

3.     How is the Great Commission connected to the resurrection?

4.     Why and for what does Mark record that Jesus rebuked the disciples?

IV.    Thursday  - Luke 24, John 20-21

1.      In all of these accounts of Jesus’ resurrection what is surprising about the disciples’ response?

2.     What is unusual about Jesus’ appearance on the road to Emmaus?

3.     Luke gives a brief wrap-up of Jesus' days before His ascension. What was Jesus doing?

4.     How does the Gospel of Luke tie in with the book of Acts?

5.     What important act happened in John 20:22?

6.     Does this mean they did not have the Holy Spirit before this?

7.     How does Peter’s restoration in John 21:15-19 layout a course for Peter?

8.     What do we learn from Peter’s question about John in v. 21?

V.    Friday  – Acts 1-3

1.      How long was the period between the resurrection and the ascension?

2.     What happened during this time?

3.     What is the purpose of the promise and pouring out of the Holy Spirit?

4.     What pattern is given in Jesus’ ascension into heaven?

5.     How was Matthias chosen to replace Judas?

6.     What is the speaking of tongues? 

7.     How does Peter explain tongues-speaking in his sermon?

8.     What can you conclude from Peter’s words in Acts 2:22-24?

9.     How many were added to the church and how did they all get baptized?

10.    Why is it important that there were healings by the Apostles?

VI.    Saturday – Acts 4-6

1.      What happened when Peter stood before the Sanhedrin? 

2.     What does Acts 4:32 mean that they did not view their things as their own?  

3.     How serious should we view the story of Ananias and Sapphira today?

4.     What was Gamaliel’s advice and did it prove out?

5.     Why were seven chosen and did it settle a controversy?

VII.   Sunday – Acts 7-8

1.      What is significant about Stephen’s sermon?

2.     What is the connection between Paul and Stephen?

3.     How do we see the gospel being spread out of Jerusalem in chapter 8?