Bible Proficiency Project
Week 4, 2019

I.      Monday – Matthew 23, Luke 20-21

1.      Jesus says in Matthew 23 to do the things the Pharisees teach them but not in the way they do it.

        What does He mean by that?

2.     Name three wrong motives by which Pharisees function.

3.     What is Jesus saying about paying tithes in relation to weightier matters of the Law?

4.     What does the word “woe” mean and how does it explain verses 37-38.

5.     How does the parable of the Wicked Vinedressers in Luke 20 relate to the verses 1-8?

6.     What is odd about the Sadducees question in Luke 20:33?

7.     How do the widow’s two mites shape a perspective on giving?

8.     What do we learn will happen to Jerusalem in Luke 22 and when?

II.     Tuesday – Mark 13

1.      What does Jesus predict in verses 1-2?

2.     What do Jesus’ disciples ask him to explain in verse 4?

3.     What event is the Great Tribulation a reference to?

4.     What does Jesus want their mindset to be because of coming judgment?

III.    Wednesday – Matthew 24

1.      How many questions are being asked in verse 3 and what are they?

2.     What day or hour are the verses 36-44 talking about?

3.     What should we be doing when the Lord returns?

IV.    Thursday - Matthew 25

1.      What point is being made about bringing or not bringing oil for their lamps?

2.     How do we make sure we have our lamps prepared for the Master’s return?

3.     How did the Master decide how many talents to give each of his servants?

4.     What were the servants to do with the talents they were given?

5.     What are things you might consider talents the Master has given you?

6.     How do our actions in this life bear upon us in the Day of Judgment?

V.     Friday – Matthew 26, Mark 14

1.      Where are we on the timeline?

2.     What would you call the purpose of the meeting in Caiaphas palace?

3.     What do we learn about Judas in Matthew 26?

4.     What did all the disciples fail to understand about the fragrant oil?

5.     In what way does Jesus preparing himself as the Passover Lamb?

6.     Based on his prayer to what degree did Jesus know what he would suffer on the cross?

7.     What instruction did Jesus give the disciples for after he died?

8.     On what charge did the Sanhedrin convict Jesus of death?

9.     What important lesson should you learn from Peter’s denial?

VI.    Saturday – Luke 22, John 13

1.      In Luke 22 what example does Jesus point to in showing what it is to be great?

2.     What do we learn about the preferred personal character from the foot washing story?

3.     How does the “new commandment” Jesus gives in John 13:31-35 inform you about the kind of

        personal character of the Christian?

VII.   Sunday – John 14-17

1.      The material in John 14-17 is not in the other Gospels. When does this happen?

2.     What do you learn from the “I am” statements of Jesus in these chapters?

3.     Given 14:1-4 what does Jesus seem to focus in clearly on to tell his disciples here?

4.     In verse 3 the “you” is in the singular. What does that mean here?

5.     John 17 is known as Jesus’ high priestly prayer. Describe what he prays for in the three groups of this