Bible Proficiency Project
Week 43, 2019

I.      Monday – Matthew 18

1.      What are the qualities of humility in little children that all Christians should embrace?

2.     How can we overcome our tendency to hold grudges and hard feelings when someone does wrong

        to us?

3.     What is the context of v. 20 and what is a proper way to understand this verse?

II.     Tuesday – John 7-8

1.      According to 7:16-24 what is the relationship between doctrine and judgment?

2.     What reason did the Pharisees give in 7:47 to not believe Jesus’ teaching?

3.     To properly understand the dynamic is 8:1-12 you must consider the idea of offices. What office did

        the Pharisees want Jesus to speak as? How does John 3:17 come into play here?

4.     What is the ultimate litmus test [8:28] that Jesus is the Son of Man?

        What does the title “Son of Man” refer to?

5.     What is it that sets the Christian free and from what is the sinner freed from?

6.     What does Jesus mean by the works of Abraham?

7.     Why do they plan to stone Jesus, and what is meant by the title I AM?

III.    Wednesday – John 9:1-10:21

1.      What sin did the blind man commit to cause his blindness?

2.     What sin did the blind man healed commit to be cast out of the synagogue?

3.     What are the characteristics of a Shepherd? Contrast him to a cowboy.

4.     What is the lesson Jesus is teaching using the image of the door?

5.     What do we learn about Jesus’ death from 10:17-18?

IV.   Thursday – Luke 10-11, John 10:22-42

1.      At what point of Jesus’ three year ministry did He send out the 70? What time of year was it?

2.     What is intended by Satan’s fall?

3.     What does Luke 10:21-22 have to do with man’s free will?

4.     How does Jesus answer the question of who is your neighbor?

5.    Where does Jesus place prayer in the Christian’s life?

6.    According to 11:24-26 why is repentance not enough?

7.    What does the sign of Jonah refer to?

8.    What place does Jesus give to tithing?

9.    In what way does John 10:29 give confidence to the believer?

10.  How does Jesus relate the works He does to who He is in John 10:34-38?

V.    Friday – Luke 12-13

1.      What constitutes the basis for fearing God?

2.     What is blasphemy? Why is this sin against the Holy Spirit so serious?

3.     What is the folly of making the pursuit of material things your priority?

4.     What things should you not worry about seeking and what should you worry about seeking?

5.     With regards to the world what did Jesus come to bring to it?

        What did He come to bring the Christian?

6.     What is a universal principle that must be met not to perish? Explain the principle.

7.     What is the reason that the Lord does not let those outside come into the Master’s house?

VI.   Saturday – Luke 14-15

1.      Jesus opens chapter 14 teaching a principle referred to as works of mercy on the Sabbath.

        Compare Jesus’ teaching on this to the way most Christians approach the Christian Sabbath today.

2.     Does 14:15-24 have anything to say about church attendance?

3.     How difficult is it for us to leave all to follow Jesus? How are we able to do it?

4.     Is the one saved and the 99 not?

5.     What do you think Jesus is trying to get across in the joy of finding something lost?

VII.   Sunday – Luke 16-17:10

1.      What is mammon and what does Jesus mean by being faithful in “unrighteous” mammon?

2.     How should we take to heart 16:15, and what are some areas that this may come into play?

3.     How do we know the rich man’s request to send Lazarus back would do no good?

4.     How often do we have to forgive someone according to 17:3-4?

5.     Should we expect special recommendation for being really faithful in good works?