Bible Proficiency Project
Week 41, 2019

I.      Monday – John 5

1.      What misunderstanding did the Jews have concerning the Sabbath?

2.     What “greater” sin did the Jews accuse Jesus of committing and why were they wrong?

3.     Who determines who receives eternal life – Jesus or the sinner’s decision?

4.     In what way are we dead and what is the evidence that Jesus has given someone new life?

5.     What are the four things that bear witness that Jesus witness is true?

II.     Tuesday – Matthew 12:1-21, Luke 6, Mark 3

1.      What do we learn about acceptable Sabbath behavior from the episode of plucking the grain?

2.     Is it legitimate to equate what the disciples did is the same as harvesting the fields on Sunday?


3.     How would you explain what a work of mercy is based on Jesus’ healing of the man with the withered


4.     Did Jesus only have twelve disciples or are the twelve a special group out of a larger number of


5.     What lesson should we learn from Mark 3:31-35 regarding family?

III.    Wednesday – Matthew 5-7

1.      In what way is Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount a practical book?

2.     What progressive pattern can be seen in the Beatitudes (see also Luke 6:20-38)?

3.     Taking into account Matthew 7:1-6, is Jesus condemning any judgment and what are the pearls in

        verse 6?

IV.    Thursday – Matthew 8:1-13, Luke 7

1.      What is surprising in Jesus’ healing the leper?

2.     What are the amazing elements about the healing of the Centurion’s son?

V.     Friday –Matthew 11

1.      Why did John the Baptist send two of his disciples to Jesus (see also Luke 7:17ff)?

2.     Why does Jesus identify John the Baptist with Elijah?

3.     What do you think Jesus is portraying in verses 17?

4.     How would you explain God’s calling people to be saved in verses 28-30 in light of verses 25-27

        (Explain in terms of does God want all people to be saved)?

VI.    Saturday – Matthew 12:22-50, Luke 11

1.      What is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and why would this be considered the “unpardonable” sin?

2.     What is a proper basis for judging one’s spiritual standing (Mt. 12:33)?

3.     How does one avoid falling into a worse state after “cleaning” their spiritual house?

VII.   Sunday – Matthew 13, Luke 8

1.      Why does Jesus say He spoke in parables?

2.     Explain how the seed functions and how the soils function in preaching the gospel?