Bible Proficiency Project
Week 38, 2019

I.      Monday –  Daniel 10-12

1.      What lesson can we glean from 10:12 that should encourage us in pursuing God?

2.     Who are the “Princes of Persia and Greece referred to in 10:13, 20?

3.     Describe the “great vision” of 10:8 and its time frame?

4.     Who is “the mighty king” referred to in 11:3?

5.     Who is the “vile person” of 11:21 and describe him?

6.     What happens in 11:31 that is described as “the abomination of desolation?”

7.      In 12 it is describing “until the time of the end” – the end of what (see 7:23-25)?

II.     Tuesday – Ezra 1-3

1.      According to 1:2-3 when did Cyrus make his decree?

2.     Who and how many returned to Jerusalem?

3.     What did Cyrus give to help restore Jerusalem and the Temple?

4.     Who became the new leader and the new High Priest for the remnant?

5.     When did the rebuilding of the Temple actually begin and how is this related to Solomon’s Temple?

III.    Wednesday – Ezra 4-6, Psalm 137

1.      How did the people of the land go about hindering the rebuilding of the Temple and Jerusalem?

2.     Why do you think they opposed the rebuilding of the Temple?

3.     Who was Artaxerxes and Darius, and how were they involved in the rebuilding of Jerusalem?


IV.   Thursday – Haggai 1-2

1.      According to Ezra 5:1 which prophets exhorted the people to rebuild the temple?

2.     What is the basis of God’s complaint in chapter 1 and what is the consequence?

3.     According to Haggai 2:1-9 what greater blessing is reflected in the new Temple?

V.     Friday –Zechariah 1-7

1.      What is Zechariah’s role and relationship to Haggai?

2.     Who is the BRANCH of 3:8, 6:12-13 and what shall He do?

3.      Why is He called the BRANCH?


VI.    Saturday – Zechariah 8-14

1.      Chapter 8 describes Jerusalem at what point in history?

2.     What is 9:9 describing?

3.     What picture is presented in 11:4-17?

4.     Is it possible that 12:10 is speaking of an end-times revival among the Jews coming to faith?

5.     The Book ends with the Day of the Lord. What is this day describing and who is the “everyone who is left”

        of verse 16.

VII.   Sunday – Esther 1-5

1.      When was this book written?

2.     Who is Ahasuerus and Vashti, and what did the king ask of Vashti?

3.     How did Esther gain the King’s attention and what role does Mordecai play in this?

4.     Who is Haman and how is God’s preservation revealed through his actions?

5.     What is the feast of Purim and how is it connected to the Book of Esther?