Bible Proficiency Project
Week 37, 2019

I.      Monday – Ezekiel 42-43

1.      In 42:13-14 the priests represent all that is holy along with the holy things in a holy place. Even their

        garments that designate them as priests are holy. They are to have no presence among the “common”

        people as long as they are in the priestly garments. They are to change into non-priestly garments before

        going among the people. What is the significance of this?

2.     In 43:6-9 a picture of the throne of God is contrasted to the thrones (kings) of Israel. In what way were the

        thrones of the kings of Israel an abomination to God in His Temple?

II.     Tuesday – Ezekiel 44-45

1.      If 44:6-9 is a description of those allowed into God’s sanctuary, what does that sanctuary represent?

2.     If the sanctuary can be considered those in the church how would this apply to today’s church?

3.     What was special about the sons of Zadok?

4.     In what way does 44:23-24 have any application to the role of the pastor and elders in our day?

5.     If 45:9 refers to the “government” in that day what motives seem to drive politicians?

III.    Wednesday – Ezekiel 46-48

1.      Does 46:18 have any principle that deals with the idea of eminent domain?

2.     What does the “living water” (47:8) flowing out of the temple that heals everything symbolize?

3.     What is significant about law of the foreigner in 47:22?

4.     Is there anything unusual about the allotment of land in Ezekiel’s vision?

IV.    Thursday – Joel 1-3

1.      What is the central message of Joel?

2.     In what way does 2:13 present the gospel?

V.     Friday – Daniel 1-3

1.      What happened to the Temple vessels (1:2) and how is this the fulfillment of Isaiah 39:6?

2.     Who was Ashpenaz and what were his instructions and what was he to prepare them to do?

3.     Why would Daniel not eat of the King’s “delicacies”?      

4.     How do Nebudchadnezzar’s dreams elevate Daniel and his friends (Describe the “contest”)?

5.     What was the image and what did the different parts represent?

6.     How is idolatry defeated in chapter 3? What was the testimony of the three Judeans?

VI.    Saturday – Daniel 4-6

1.      What is the lesson to be taught (4:17) in chapter 4?

2.     Who was Belshazzar in relation to Nebudchadnezzar and what was his folly God confronted?

3.     Why was Daniel thrown into the Lion’s den and what was amazing in his delivery?

VII.   Sunday – Daniel 7-9

1.      Who is the Son of Man in 7:13, and how is it connected to Jesus’ self-identity in Mt. 24:30?

2.     What do the 70 weeks in Daniel 9 refer to?