Bible Proficiency Project
Week 35, 2019

I.      Monday – Ezekiel 1-4

1.      The book opens in 1:1 with reference to the 30th year, 4th month and 5th day. What does this refer to and

        why is the 30 year mark significant?

2.     The imagery of chapter 1 that Ezekiel describes depicts what place? (See 10:1, 15-20 / Also consider the

        call of Isaiah as a similar occurrence)

3.     According to 2:1-5 what was Ezekiel’s work to be among the Israelite captives?  

4.     In chapter 2 Ezekiel is referred to as son of man. This phrase is used over 90 times in reference to the

        prophet but it is used differently in Ezekiel from its use in the book of Daniel. Explain how it is used in


5.     What was the duty of the watchman according to 3:17-21 and how does that apply to the prophet and


II.     Tuesday – Ezekiel 5-8

1.      Why was it a scandal for a priest to shave his head and beard and how does God use this as an illustration

        of coming judgment [5:10-13]?

2.     Who are the “remnant” in 6:8 and why are they significant?

3.     Describe what this “day” is in 7:10 and why has it come?

4.     What is meant by abomination and what four types of abominations are described in ch. 8?     

III.    Wednesday – Ezekiel 9-12

1.      What judgments are described in chapters 9-11:13 as the result of the abominations committed?

2.     What two scenes are being portrayed in chapter 12?

IV.    Thursday – Ezekiel 13-15

1.      What makes the prophets of chapter 13 foolish and what warning and practicall lesson should that serve

        not only to modern day pastors but also those who are hearers in the church?

2.     What sins are in view in chapter 14 and how does the vine of chapter 15 apply to them?

V.     Friday – Ezekiel 16-17

1.      Why do you think is the purpose of Ezekiel telling the story of the unwanted child in chapter 16 and how

        should it serve to shape within the believer true humility?

2.     Who does the riddle apply to in chapter 17?


VI.    Saturday – Ezekiel 18-19

1.      What is the meaning of the “proverb” and why does God say it does not apply?  

2.     In chapter 19 Ezekiel uses Hebrew poetic form to describe the historic digression of Israel. Identify the

        historic events by verse and how they define Israel’s fall.  


VII.   Sunday – Ezekiel 20-21

1.      In what way does God foretell a time of covenant renewal in chapter 20?

2.     Who is the sword of the Lord in chapter 21 and why is Ezekiel told to sigh?

3.     Who do you think is being referred to in 21:27 by “until He comes whose right it is”?