Bible Proficiency Project
Week 34, 2019

I.      Monday – Habbakuk 1-3

1.      What are the two complaints of Habbakuk: First in vv. 2-4 and second in vv. 12-17?  

2.     How is silence used to examine a contrast in 2:18-20?   

3.     How is the test of true faith laid out in 3:17-19?

II.     Tuesday – Jeremiah 41-45

1.      Who exactly is Ishmael and why does he kill Gedaliah (41:1-3)?

2.     Who were the 80 men who came from Samaria and why did Ishmael kill them? 

3.     What was God’s warning to the remnant of Mizpah and why does Jeremiah call him hypocrites in 42:20?

        How do they respond to Jeremiah’s words?

4.     In 44:28 how does God reaffirm Jeremiah as His prophet?   

III.    Wednesday – Jeremiah 46-48

1.      In chapters 46-48 (actually through 51) God pronounces judgments upon the nations. In ch. 46 he speaks

        concerning Egypt. Is Egypt judged by God because of the remnant that is there?

2.     What is God’s promise of contrast in 46:28 and how should it form our perspective today?

IV.    Thursday – Jeremiah 49-50

1.      Who does God use in ch. 49 to bring these nations to an end and what do they all have in common?  

2.     Try to explain how Babylon is God’s sword against the nations but that ultimately they too are judged?

V.     Friday – Jeremiah 51-52

1.      According to 51:24 what is the ultimate reason for Babylon’s being judged? Who does Zion refer to?

2.     According to 51:59 when was this prophecy against Babylon first given?

3.     What is the purpose of chapter 52 to the whole book of Jeremiah?

VI.    Saturday – Lamentations 1-3:36

1.      How would you classify the genre of writing in the Book of Lamentations?  

2.     What is the definition of a lament? Name four common elements present in the laments.    

3.     Identify each of the first three laments by verses and then give the theme or subject of each one?  

VII.   Sunday – Lamentations 3:37-5:22

1.      The last half of this third lament changes gears from the one who is afflicted to now reflect on what theme?

2.     What is the subject of the fourth lament?

3.     What is the petition in the final lament and how can you see hope in the writer’s words?