Bible Proficiency Project
Week 33, 2019

I.      Monday – Jeremiah 23-25

1.      What age is the prophecy in 23:1-8 speaking of?  

2.     Jeremiah was called the “weeping” prophet and shared tremendous persecution from false prophets.

        In 23:9-40 what is Jeremiah’s message to these prophets?   

3.     What do the good figs and bad figs in ch. 24 represent and what is the message intended?  

4.     In 25:1-14 Jeremiah reveals prophecies that had been given 23 years earlier and over the course of his

        ministry. In 25:13 he refers to “this book” of which there are varying opinions but much of its content is

        thought to be given throughout the first 25 chapters. What is the central prophecy of this book?  

II.     Tuesday – Jeremiah 26-29

1.      Chapter 26 takes us back to 609 B.C. and Jehoiakim (son of Josiah) when Jeremiah prophecies of

        Jerusalem’s fall. What is the reason that is given for why the priests, prophets, and people called for

        Jeremiah’s execution in 26:11 and discuss what should be the basis for execution?  

2.     How does the contest between the prophets Hananiah and Jeremiah over yokes demonstrate what

        Jeremiah was up against? What is the mark of a true prophet, what is the right prophecy, and what does

        Jeremiah say will happen to Hananiah?  

3.     What is the essence of Jeremiah’s letter to the exiles in chapter 29?   

III.    Wednesday – Jeremiah 30-31

1.      In chapters 30-33 Jeremiah promises the restoration of Jerusalem and the establishment of a new

        covenant between God and His people.  What does it mean in 31:14, 25 to “satiate the soul?”  

2.     What are the elements that will mark the “new covenant” Jeremiah foretells?  


IV.    Thursday – Jeremiah 32--34

1.      What is God’s promise symbolized in Jeremiah buying a field?  

2.     Try to explain the contrast and change in God’s view of Jerusalem between Jeremiah 32:31-32 and 33:7-8?

3.     What is the message intended in the law regarding liberty in 34:17?  

V.     Friday – Jeremiah 35-37

1.      What was unique about Jonadab (2Kings 10:15-16) and his descendants that God marks them out as an

        example for Israel?  

2.     What do you learn about the scroll of Jeremiah from chapter 36?  

3.     Who was responsible for Jeremiah’s imprisonment on what charge and during what?  

VI.    Saturday – Jeremiah 38-40, Psalm 74, 79

1.      What was God’s word to Zedekiah regarding Babylon’s siege and what would result?  

2.     Look up the years that Babylon defeated Judah and carried away the people to Babylon?    

3.     According to 39:11-12 and 40:2-4 why do you think Jeremiah is treated well by the enemy?  

4.     What is the occasion for the writing of Psalms 74 and 79 and what kind of psalms would these be

        characterized as?  

VII.   Sunday – 2Kings 24-25, 2Chronicles 36

1.      Comment on Israel's history in light of 2Chronicles 36:15 and how it applies to all people.