Bible Proficiency Project
Week 32, 2019

I.      Monday – Zephaniah 1-3

1.      Zephaniah was a prophet in Juday and a contemporary of the prophet Jeremiah. It is probable his ministry

        was in the early years Josiah’s reign and that he may have had influence in Josiah’s reforms.  Trace how

        the theme of the Day of the Lord paints a picture of God’s judgment by listing the characteristics of this

        day by verse.

2.     When do you think Zephaniah’s song of  Victory in 3:9-20 will be fulfilled?

II.     Tuesday – Jeremiah 1-3

1.      During what time span did Jeremiah prophesy and what brought his work to an end?

2.     What do you learn about God’s providence in Jeremiah’s call?

3.     What is the key to sin revealed in 2:19?

4.     In what way does God use marriage as a basis to call Judah to repentance in chapter 3?

III.    Wednesday – Jeremiah 4-6

1.      Chapter 4 describes the total destruction of the Promised Land, but what is set before them in 4:27 and

        5:10, 18?

2.     How is the OT church described in 5:31 and is this something of a warning to us today?

3.     In what way are the people deceived according to 6:13-14 and why are they duped?

IV.    Thursday – Jeremiah 7-9

1.      What is God’s solution to lying prophets and false preachers?

2.     How can you be prepared to discern a false prophet and how should you act toward them?

3.     What positive thing do you learn from 7:25?

4.     According to 9:23-24 what should we glory in? What do we tend to dwell on though?

V.    Friday – Jeremiah 10-13

1.      Is God right to judge those who do not worship Him and why?

2.     What is the substance of the covenant God makes in chapter 11?

3.     Who are the men of Anathoth and what did they plan? See Mt 10:36, 15:37.

4.     What is Jeremiah’s question in chapter 12 and what answer does God give?

5.     What sin does God focus on in chapter 13 and how powerful is that in delusion?

VI.    Saturday – Jeremiah 14-17

1.      How bad off is Judah spiritually looking at chapters 14-15 and what is the sign of it?

2.     What sign is given through Jeremiah in chapter 16 as a sign of coming judgment?

3.     Given 17:9 and all that goes with it, should we trust in our own opinion? Cite some other verses on this


VII.   Sunday – Jeremiah 18-22

1.      What does the image of the potter teach us about God’s intention and activity?

2.     When Jeremiah was attacked for his ministry what kept him going (20:9)?

3.     What message is sent concerning the Davidic dynasty in chapters 21-22?