Bible Proficiency Project
Week 31, 2019

I.      Monday – Isaiah 54-58

1.      In chapter 54 what is for a moment and it is compared to what (see 2Cor 7:14, Heb 12:7-14)?

2.     In chapter 55 what are the elements of the gospel call in v. 6-7?

3.     What is to be our perspective when speaking the truth of God in 55:11?

4.     What is the prophecy about the Gentiles in chapter 56 and in what way will the Sabbath act as a marker

        for the change (see 58:13)?

II.     Tuesday – Isaiah 59-63

1.      In Isaiah 56 to the end of the Book prophecies are given regarding the returning exiles from the

        Babylonian Captivity before the rebuilding of the Temple in 520 B.C.

        What years did Isaiah give his prophecies?

2.     What separates us from God according to chapter 59?

3.     Who is being spoken of in 61:1-3?

4.     In 63:17 how do we reconcile these words with God’s predestination?

III.    Wednesday – Isaiah 64-66

1.      How does chapter 64 describe who we are?

2.     Chapter 65 defines those who seek the LORD in what way?

3.     What are the distinguishing traits to be revealed in heaven according to 65:17-25?

4.     What is significant about 66:2 and 5 for those who belong to God?

IV.    Thursday – Isaiah 2Kings 20-21

1.      What does Hezekiah’s repentance teach us in our walk with God?

2.     What do we learn about how we should think about the world from Hezekiah’s showing off the

        treasures of Jerusalem?

3.     What characterized Manasseh’s early life as king? What abomination was included?

V.     Friday – 2Chronicles 32-33

1.      What is Sennacherib’s foolish boast? And what is God’s response?

2.     How did God seek to get Manasseh and the people to repent and what happened?

3.     What finally got Manasseh’s attention so that he repented? What did he do?

VI.    Saturday – Nahum 1-3

1.      What is the time period of events in which Nahum lives?

2.     What is the message of 1:15 and Romans 10:15 and what is the significance of feet?

3.     Describe Ninevah and why God declares He will destroy it?

VII.   Sunday – 2Kings 22-23, 2Chronicles 34-35

1.      What exemplary thing does the young king Josiah do?

2.     Ten years into his reign Josiah had the temple renovated. What was found and what did he do?