Bible Proficiency Project
Week 4, 2019

I.     Monday — Genesis 30-31

1.     What evidence is there to show how Jacob was aware of God’s continual presence and 


2.    What are the similarities and significance of Jacob’s deception of Isaac and of Laban ’s

       deception of Jacob in his marriage to Leah?

3.    How many years did Jacob work for Laban altogether?

II.    Tuesday — Genesis 32-34

1.     How did the Jews after Jacob’s day remember the wrestling of Jacob and the Lord?

2.    Why didn’t Jacob accept the offers of Esau in Genesis 33:12-15?

3.    How does Romans 8:28 apply thus far in the life of Jacob?

4.    What is God’s particular purpose in Jacob’s life?

5.    What apparently bad things have so far turned out for his good?

6.    Were the brothers of Dinah justified in what they did?

III.   Wednesday — Genesis 35-37

1.     Why does God change Jacob’s name to Israel and what does the name mean?

2.    Is there any significance between Rachael’s burial place, and the name of her son Benjamin?

3.    Why does Esau move his family to Edom, and what historical rivalry does this set up?

4.    Is it alright for a father to demonstrate a greater love for one son?

5.    How should Joseph’s family have reacted to Joseph’s dreams?

6.    Do you think that the actions of Joseph’s brothers are a type of Judas?

IV.      Thursday – Genesis 38-40

1.     In light of Deuteronomy 25:5-10 in what way is Tamar just and Judah unrighteous?

2.    Why does Joseph refuse Potiphar’s wife and why does it shape our view of temptation?

3.    What is similar between the treatment of Joseph and that in the life of Jesus?

4.    Why was Joseph not bitter about all the evil being done to him?

5.    Why were the dreams of the baker and butler important?

V.    Friday —Genesis 41-42

1.     How are these dreams of Pharaoh unusual (see 41:28)?

2.    Is there a connection between the meaning of the dreams and Joseph’s resume?

3.    What do you think Pharaoh understood in 42:38 when he said “a man in whom is the Spirit of


4.    In what ways do Joseph and Daniel (1:7) share similar histories?

5.    How widespread was the drought?

6.    Is what happens in Gen. 42:6 the fulfillment of prophecy?

7.    Why do the brothers believe that Pharaoh’s governor is dealing harshly with them?

VI.   Saturday — Genesis 43-45

1.     Based on how Joseph handles the return of the brothers with Benjamin do you think that 

       Joseph has a plan?

2.    Do you think Joseph is enjoying making his brothers agonize before he reveals himself to


3.    At what point do you think Joseph understood God’s plan to preserve his family based on

       Gen 45:7?

4.    Do you think the brothers ever confessed what they did to their father?

VII.  Sunday — Genesis 46-47

1.     How old was Jacob when he arrived in Egypt, and how many years did he live in Egypt?

2.    About how many of Jacob’s house came down to Egypt?

3.    Why is it surprising that Jacob blesses Pharaoh in Gen. 47:7?

4.    How does Joseph’s foresight benefit Pharaoh in the end?

5.    What is Jacob’s final request of Joseph?