Bible Proficiency Project
Week 30, 2019

I.      Monday – Isaiah 31-34

1.      When facing enemies what is the most important thing you must have (31:1-3)?

2.     What is the “treasure” spoken of in 33:6?

3.     In 34:16 what will not fail?

4.     Are chapters 31-34 a picture of the final judgment?

II.     Tuesday – Isaiah 35-36

1.      What do you think the Highway of Holiness is (35:8)?

2.     Why do you think King Hezekiah’s representatives said speak in Aramaic and not Hebrew (36:11?

3.     What was faulty about the Rabshakeh’s argument that the LORD will not deliver you

        (see also 2Kings 18:28-35)?

III.    Wednesday – Isaiah 37-39, Psalm 76

1.      What does Isaiah prophecy will happen to Sennecherib (see also 2Kings 19:6-7)?

2.     What do we learn about Hezekiah’s views of gods in his prayer (see also 2Kings 19:15-19)?

3.     How does God respond to Sennecherib’s intrusion and offense (see also 2Kings 19:35-37)?

4.     After being healed what mistake does Hezekiah make and what was the result?

IV.    Thursday – Isaiah 40-43

1.      What does God promise will happen to Judah in the future?

2.     In these chapters what does the great contrast reveal as a futility?

V.     Friday – Isaiah 44-48

1.      The phrase “I am the first and I am the last” appears in 44:6. What does this expression seek to

        communicate (see 46:10, 48:12)?

2.     Who is the Cyrus of 45:1 and when does he live? Does God control the actions of the ungodly?

        What is he destined to do according to 45:13?

3.     Babylon was very prosperous. What are some of the attitudes that were prevalent among them in

        chapter 47 that we see in America today?

VI.    Saturday – 2Kings 18:9-19:37, Psalm 46, 80, 135

1.      How does Psalm 46 reflect the mindset of Hezekiah, and how should we view it for ourselves?

2.     In what way does Psalm 80 capture the prayer of Judah in captivity?

3.     In what way does Psalm 135 mirror the words in Isaiah about pursuit of false gods?

VII.   Sunday – Isaiah 49-53

1.      Chapter 49 speaks of “the Servant” whose mouth is like a sharp sword. Who is this speaking of

        and what do we learn He will do in verse 6?

2.     How 49:8 a contrast to the “Day of the Lord”?

3.     What prophecies in chapters 52-53 are fulfilled by Christ?