Bible Proficiency Project
Week 29, 2019

I.      Monday – Isaiah 13-17

1.      How does Isaiah use the phrase “day of the LORD”?

2.     What place does Babylon play in history at this time?

3.     What does Babylon represent and what is the significance of Isaiah’s proclamation?

4.     Who is Lucifer in 14:12 and what happens to him?

5.     What does 17:14 mean for the church today?

II.     Tuesday – Isaiah 18-22

1.      What do you think is meant in 19:24-25 in God’s blessing?

2.     Why is Isaiah making all of these “proclamations” and when is their fulfillment?

III.    Wednesday – Isaiah 23-27

1.      Should chapter 24 be seen as a summary of the previous proclamations?

2.     Why is the earth defiled according to 24:5?

IV.    Thursday – 2Kings 18:1-8, 2Chronicles 29-31, Psalm 48

1.      What is significant about the life of Hezekiah?

2.     What theme comes through in Psalm 48?

3.     What lesson is being declared in Psalm 48:14 regarding death?


V.     Friday – Hosea 1-7

1.      Does God’s command to Hosea in 1:2 make sense and how does it set the tone for the book?

2.     What does Lo-Ruhamah mean and what does that depict?

3.     What does Lo-Ammi mean and what does that depict?

4.     What do we learn about God’s mercy in chapter 2?

5.     What is the basis for God’s charge in chapter 4 and why should we pay attention here?

6.     What is the essence of God’s call to repentance in chapter 6?


VI.    Saturday – Hosea 8-14

1.      What is God’s indictment against Israel in chapter 8 and 9?

2.     What consequence is spelled out in chapter 10?

3.     What side of God is revealed in chapter 11?

4.     What is intended by 13:14?

5.     Who is Israel in 14:4?

VII.   Sunday – Isaiah 28-30

1.      In the midst of the Day of the LORD of hosts, what is significant about the remnant?

2.     How does one know when they are spiritually blind (29:13-14)?

3.     What are the marks of a failing church according to these chapters?