Bible Proficiency Project
Week 28, 2019

I.      Monday — Isaiah 1-4

1.      Who did the vision Isaiah receive concern?                              

2.     What was the issue that he was to prophesy about (1:10, 18)?      

3.     How is the Day of Lord to be understood?

4.     In what way does the idea of reward come through in 3:10-11?

II.     Tuesday — Isaiah 5-8

1.      What sins are outlined in chapter 5?

2.     Describe Isaiah’s vision of the throne room of God?

3.     How did Ahaz respond to God’s command to ask for a sign, and what sign was given?

4.     What is the lesson to be learned in 8:20?

III.    Wednesday — Amos 1-5

1.      Amos opens prophesying judgment on the nations and then on Judah and Israel - why?

2.     What is the significance of the phrase “for three transgressions … and for four”?

3.     Who do you think the two are referring to in 3:3?

4.     What did God do in chapter 4 to seek Israel’s return to obedience?

5.     Explain the significance of the phrase “seek ---- that you may live” in chapter 5?

IV.    Thursday – Amos 6-9

1.      What do Zion and Samaria represent in chapter 6 ?

2.     What do you think Amaziah the priest’s motivation was in chapter 7?

3.     What kind of a famine was God going to send in 8:11 and might that apply today?

4.     What do God’s people have to look forward to in the future and on what basis is this promised?

V.     Friday —  2Chronicles 27, Isaiah 9-12

1.      What marked Jotham’s reign and why?

2.     Where does Isaiah 9:2 find its fulfillment? How about verses 6-7?

3.     What makes the King of Assyria arrogant (10:12-13)?

4.     What is the significance of the idea of the “remnant” in the book of Isaiah?

5.     What does 11:9-11 look forward to?

VI.    Saturday — Micah 1-7

1.      Outline the three cycles of Micah’s 19 prophecies?

2.     What word is used to indicate a new prophecy?

3.     How does Micah’s reference to a remnant church bear connection to the church today?

VII.   Sunday — 2Kings 16-17, 2Chronicles 28

1.      Who carried Israel away into captivity and why?

2.     What did Shalmaneser do with Samaria after he took the people away captive?

3.     What were the great sins and faulty reasonings of Ahaz as king?

4.     Why would Israel taking Judah and making them slaves offensive to God?