Bible Proficiency Project
Week 27, 2019

I.      Monday — 2Kings 1-4

1.      Why did God send word through Elijah that Ahaziah would die of his injuries?                              

2.     What did Elisha ask from Elijah and what did that mean?  

3.     How did Elijah’s life end?

4.     Who were “the sons of the prophets”?

5.     What mighty act confirmed that Elisha had assumed Elijah’s prophetic office?  

6.     What marked the power of God in Elisha’s ministry (give examples)?

II.     Tuesday — 2Kings 5-8

1.      In what ways were Elisha’s miracles a foreshadow (type) of what Jesus would do?

2.     What was the lesson that Naaman had to learn to be saved and how is that true of anyone?

3.     Why did the Syrian king send his army to kill Elisha and how was Elisha saved at Dothan?

4.     In chapter 8 how does the Shunammite woman serve as a picture of salvation?

5.     Why does Elisha weep when he anoints Hazael as the next king of Syria?

III.    Wednesday — 2Kings 9-11

1.      For what purpose was Jehu anointed by the prophet to become king of Israel?

2.     What is meant by Jehu in 10:16 by “his zeal for the Lord?”

3.     Why did Jehu claim to worship Baal? Who did he worship?

4.     What is significant about Joash (Jehoash) being hidden for six years?

5.     Who was Jehoida and what important role did he play in Judah’s history?

IV.    Thursday – 2Kings 12-13, 2Chronicles 24

1.      What made Joash a great king when he was young?

2.     What sin did Joash commit at the end of his life?

3.     What was the last prophecy of Elisha before he died and why was it disappointing?

4.     What should we learn from the dead man lowered into Elisha’s tomb?

V.     Friday —  2Kings 14, 2Chronicles 25

1.      In what way was Amaziah’s arrogance revealed and became his downfall?

2.     What spiritual problem did Amaziah have and how does that serve as a warning to believers (25:2)?

VI.    Saturday — Jonah 1-4

1.      When the Word of the LORD came to Jonah what was he to do?

2.     Why do you think he fled to Tarshish?

3.     What do you make of Jonah’s “confession” before he is tossed into the sea?

4.     What is Jonah’s attitude as he fulfills his calling and what should be ours in our calling?

VII.   Sunday — 2Kings 15, 2Chronicles 26

1.      How did the kings of Judah and Israel differ during this time?

2.     Azariah / Uzziah was described as doing good, but he also sinned how?