Bible Proficiency Project
Week 26, 2019

I.      Monday — 1Kings 15:1-24, 2Chronicles 13-16

1.      Who was Abijah’s father?                               What kind of a king was Abijah?

2.     What did Abijah mean in 2Chronicles 13:10 that “they had not forsaken God?”      

3.     How was Abijah able to defeat Israel’s 800,000 men with 400,000 when surrounded?

4.     What is the lamp in Jerusalem in 1Kings 15:4 and how does it show God’s covenant faithfulness?

5.     What marked the early years of King Asa?  

6.     In what way does 2Chron 14:4 define a reformer?

7.     What was Asa’s sin after he had reigned 36 years?

II.     Tuesday — 1Kings 15:25-16:34, 2Chronicles 17

1.      Describe what and why was the situation in Israel (the northern kingdom) with their kings

        while Asa ruled in Judah?

2.     Who becomes King in Israel when Asa dies in Judah and what kind of king was he?

3.     Who became king in Judah after Asa and what characterized Judah during his reign?

III.    Wednesday — 1Kings 17-19

1.      Where was Elijah the prophets ministry and what was his message?

2.     What is the significance in Elijah requiring the widow to give him her last food,

        and then of raising her son from the dead?

3.     Why does God send drought upon Ahab through Elijah?

4.     In the Mt. Carmel contest what is at stake?  What was the test to prove which God was true?

5.     Is it possible to worship God and Baal? Or worship God through Baal?

6.     In chapter 19 Elijah flees Jezebel and makes what claim to God? How does God answer?

7.     What is Elisha doing when God calls him? In what way is this similar to the disciples?

IV.   Thursday – 1Kings 20-21

1.      What mistaken idea did the Syrians have about defeating Israel?

2.     Why was Ahab condemned in the defeat of the Syrians?

3.     In what way is Naboth a “type” for Jesus?

4.     What should we learn from the marriage of Ahab to Jezebel?

V.    Friday —  1Kings 22, 2Chronicles 18

1.      What Ahab say about the only prophet in Israel to Jehoshophat? Why did they need a prophet?

2.     What prophecy comes true at Ahab’s death?

VI.    Saturday — 2Chronicles 19-23

1.      What set Jehoshaphat apart from most kings?

2.     What message is in God’s deliverance in chapter 20 for us today?

3.     What does Jehoram teach us about political power? Why does God not destroy him?

4.     How does God protect His covenant promise from Athaliah’s wiping out theprinces of Judah?

VII.   Sunday — Obadiah, Psalm 82-83

1.      How does Obadiah and these two psalms form a basis of hope for the people of God?