Bible Proficiency Project
Week 25, 2019

I.      Monday — Proverbs 27-29

1.      What is a biblical perspective about the future (27:1)?

2.     Should the Christian seek to go it alone and trust his own feelings (27:17)?              

3.     Why is confession good for the soul (28:13)?

4.     In what ways does 29:18 apply to the U.S. today?

II.     Tuesday — Ecclessiastes 1-6

1.      What is the theme of the Book of Ecclessiastes?

2.     How should you understand the word vanity in this book?

3.     What gleanings do you see from 3:1-8?

4.     What is the nature and proper use of vows and should you take them lightly (5:4-5)?

5.     What is the common evil of chapter 6?


III.    Wednesday — Ecclessiastes 7-12

1.      What lesson is there in 7:13-14 and how does the providence of God apply here?

2.     What does Solomon say is true about death?

3.     When should one begin to be diligent about serving God?

4.     What is man’s whole duty?

IV.    Thursday – 1Kings 10-11, 2Chronicles 9

1.      Why does the Queen of Sheba come to Jerusalem? Where is Sheba?

2.     Where does she believe Solomon’s wealth comes from?

3.     What is the status of Solomon’s servants according to the Queen?

4.     How did Solomon’s reign come to an end and how did his wisdom come through in the end?

V.    Friday —  Proverbs 30-31

1.      What is the wisdom of Agur?

2.     What is the advice that King Lemuel’s Mother gives?

VI.    Saturday — 1Kings 12-14 (Sat and Sun questions)

1.      Who did Rehoboam turn to for advice and what did they advise?

2.     What advice did Rehoboam take and what was the result?

3.     How did this align with God’s plan?

4.     What problem did the Temple present to Jeroboam and what was his solution?

5.     How does the man of God enter into this situation?

6.     Why does the wife of Jeroboam go to Ahijah the prophet?

VII.   Sunday — 2Chronicles 10-12