Bible Proficiency Project
Week 24, 2019

I.      Monday — 1Kings 5-6, 2Chronicles 2-3

1.      What is it that makes the Temple “holy?”

2.     According to 1Peter 1:15-16 what makes the Christian “holy?”       

3.     How did king Hiram of Tyre help Solomon with the building of the Temple?

4.     Where is Tyre and what is unusual about going to Tyre for help?

5.     How long did it take to build the Temple?

II.     Tuesday — 1Kings 7, 2Chronicles 4

1.      How are the Temple and Tabernacle similar? How are they different?

2.     How big are the dimensions of the Temple in feet (1 cubit = 1 ½ feet)?

3.     What furnishings were in each area?

a.     Courtyard

b.     Holy Place

c.     Holy of Holies

III.    Wednesday — 1Kings 8, 2Chronicles 5

1.      What is Solomon’s main theme in his prayer of dedication (8:22-53)?

2.     What does Solomon say about God’s promises now that the Temple is completed (8:54-56)?

3.     Why does Solomon exhort the people to walk in God’s ways?

​IV.   Thursday – 2Chronicles 6-7, Psalm 136

1.      What does God say His people should do in times of national sin (7:14)? Does that apply today?

2.     What covenant does God renew in His second appearance to Solomon?

3.     In Psalm 136 why are we to give thanks to the LORD?

V.    Friday —  Psalm 134, 146-150

1.      What is a song of ascent and how is it to be used?

2.     Why are these last six psalms called Hallelujah psalms, and what kind of content do they feature?

VI.    Saturday — 1Kings 9, 2Chronicles 8

1.      What warning does God give Solomon about the permanence of his throne?

2.     What does it mean that all the people who were left, who were not of Israel were put into “forced labor?”

3.     What did Solomon need a fleet of ships for?

​VII.  Sunday — Proverbs 25-26

1.      What does it mean to heap coals of fire on the head in 25:22?

2.     How would you explain what seems to be contradictory advice in 26:4-5?