Bible Proficiency Project
Week 23, 2019


I.      Monday — Proverbs 4-6

1.      What does Prov. 4:7 mean by Wisdom is the principle thing?  

2.     Describe the two paths of ch. 4?  

3.     What is wisdom's solution to adultery in ch. 5?

4.     Describe the six things the LORD hates in ch. 6?

II.     Tuesday — Proverbs 7-9

1.      Why do you think these early chapters and especially ch. 7 warn against adultery (see 6:32)?

2.     In ch. 8 Wisdom is given personality. What is the benefit of presenting Wisdom as a person?

3.     What counsel does Wisdom seek to give in ch. 8?

4.     What are the two invitations given in ch. 9 and what does each offer?

III.    Wednesday — Proverbs 10-12

1.      Explain how ch. 10:17 sets a tone for one’s life?

2.     What verses in ch. 10 instruct about what we say?

3.     How would you go about applying 11:14 in your day to day life?

4.     What do you think the reference to the tree of life has in mind in 11:30 and how might that encourage

        one in soul winning?

5.     Often we are afraid to answer questions because we might be wrong.

        What perspective does 12:1 lead us to adopt in the process of learning?

6.     How important is encouragement according to 12:25.

IV.    Thursday – Proverbs 13-15

1.      What proverbs had the most impact on you as you read these three chapters?


V.     Friday —  Proverbs 16-18

1.      Describe how our free will and God’s sovereignty go hand in hand (see 16:9)?

2.     What is better – to be rich or to be smart? (Refer to some proverbs).

3.     What does 16:25 say about our way of seeing things?

4.     In ch. 17 what proverbs speak to what “friendship” is characterized by?

5.     18:22 speaks of finding a wife as a good thing. How and what kind of a wife brings God’s favor?


VI.    Saturday — Proverbs 19-21

1.      What do you think is behind the advice of 19:18?

2.     What warning is there about alcohol in 20:1?

3.     What principle is being set forth in 20:22?

4.     What characteristic is being encouraged in 21:4?

5.     What does 21:23 teach us about war?

VII.   Sunday — Proverbs 22-24

1.      22:6 is often quoted to parents raising young children. What does it mean? See 22:15, 23:13-14.

2.     What is 22:24-25 say about choosing friends?

3.     Is it wise to seek to convince an adversary of your position when they will not listen (23:9)?

4.     What do the verses 24:30-34 zero in on with regards to how you are to live?