Bible Proficiency Project
Week 20, 2019

I.      Monday — Psalms 32,. 51, 86, 122

1.      In Psalm 32 what do we learn must come first before forgiveness?

2.     What was the occasion that compelled David to write Psalm 51?   

3.     Why does Psalm 86 fit the group of psalms of refuge?

4.     Looking at Psalm 122, where do God’s people go to meet with God today?

II.     Tuesday — 2Samuel 13-15

1.      What caution about “love” should we learn from the feelings of Amnon toward Tamar?

2.     What do we learn about Absalom’s character from the way he dealt with Amnon?

3.     Which son do you think David is mourning for in 13:37?

4.     How long did it take for Absalom to be restored by David?

5.     Why do you think Absalom committed treason to overthrow David?

III.    Wednesday — Psalms 3-4, 12-13, 28, 55

1.      Both Psalms 3-4 describe Absalom’s attack. When does David find time for this reflection?

2.     Explain how in Psalm 12 the words of God are contrasted to those of ungodly people?

3.     How does Psalm 13 fit David’s frame of mind during Absalom’s treachery?

4.     How does Psalm 28:3 and 55:20-21 describe Absalom?

IV.    Thursday – 2Samuel 16-18

1.      Who was Mephibosheth and what happened to him when David fled?

2.     Why did Shemei feel compelled to curse David?

3.     Why was Hushai’s council able to overturn the “wise” council of Ahithophel??

4.     In what way is Joab central to the defeat of Absalom?

5.     How did David respond when he heard Absalom and his rebellion was defeated?

V.     Friday — Psalms 26, 40, 58, 61-62, 64

1.      In Psalm 26 how does David understand his innocence and integrity in contrast to his enemies?

2.     What does David mean in 40:10 when he says “I have not hidden your righteousness within my heart?

3.     How does Psalm 58 describe the nature of man?

4.     Describe what things in Psalms 61-62 reflect the certain hope of the saint?

5.     In what way are the words of Psalm 64 similar to the petition “lead me not into temptation?”

VI.    Saturday — 2Samuel 19-21

1.      Why was David’s mourning upon hearing of Absalom’s death inappropriate?

2.     How does Absalom’s death reveal David’s failure as a father; and as a king?

3.     How does his resolution of the situation with Mephibosheth show his “lack” of wisdom?

VII.   Sunday — Psalms 5, 38, 41-42

1.      What should be at the heart of the believer according to 5:11?

2.     In what way would Psalm 38 aid you in the midst of great trouble of soul?

3.     Psalm 41:9 is a prophecy fulfilled by what event?

4.     Psalm 42 is actually connected to Psalm 43. What is the circumstance for concern here?