Bible Proficiency Project
Week 19, 2019

I.      Monday — 2Samuel 7, 1Chronicles 17

1.      Why was David not to build the temple?

2.     Who would do so?             

3.     What was David’s role to be in God’s plan?

4.     What covenant promise came at this time? (vv. 12-16, 29)

II.     Tuesday — Psalms 25, 29, 33, 36, 39

1.      In what way might you conclude that Psalm 25 reflects God’s not allowing David to build the temple?

2.     How does Psalm 29 declare that the true throne is God’s throne?

3.     What instruction does Psalm 33 provide for what will bring safety to a nation?

4.     How is the source of what is wicked contrasted to what is good in Psalm 36?

5.     Why is David concerned about what he says in Psalm 39?

III.    Wednesday — 2Samuel 8-9, 1Chronicles 18

1.      How does God bless David?

2.     Who was Mephibosheth?

3.     How does God bless David in 2Chronicles 18:13?

IV.    Thursday – Psalms 50, 53, 60, 75

1.      How is God’s deliverance described in Psalm 50:23?

2.     What does Psalm 53 says is common to foolish and wicked people?

3.     What has happened that David prays for God to restore them in Psalm 60?

4.     In Psalm 75 who praise should we be mindful of and whose should we not and why?

V.     Friday —2Samuel 10, 1Chronicles 19, Psalm 20

1.      What did Ammon and Hanun do to offend David and start a war?

2.     How do the people of Ammon become culpable in their actions?

3.     How does David respond and what is the result?

4.     How is Psalm 20 appropriate when the believer faces a battle of some sort?

VI.    Saturday — Psalms 65-67, 69-70

1.      Describe how each of these psalms speaks of God’s deliverance and salvation?

VII.   Sunday — 2Samuel 11-12, 1Chronicles  20

1.      What causes David to cover up his adultery with Bathsheba?

2.     Is the pregnancy the sin here? In what ways are people in the church guilty in a like manner today?

3.     How did David seek to cover up his sin? Was Bathsheba complicit in this cover up?

4.     What was God’s response to all of this?

5.     How did God deal with David and what was the consequence? (see 2Samuel 16:21)