Bible Proficiency Project
Week 17, 2019

I.      Monday — 1Chronicles 1-2

1.      What period of time was the book of Chronicles written, and what was its purpose?

2.     Why were genealogies important for Israel in the Old Testament?

3.     What family trees are covered in these first two chapters?

II.     Tuesday — Psalms 43-45, 40, 84-85, 87

1.      What is unique about Psalm 45?

2.     What does David reveal in Psalm 40 about his understanding of the kind of worship God desires?

3.     How does David find joy in a place to go to worship God in Psalm 84?

4.     In Psalm 85 what clue is given on being near to God?

5.     Who are the sons of Korah?

III.    Wednesday — 1Chronicles 3-5

1.      Can you think of any reason why the Chronicler puts the family orders as he does?


IV.    Thursday – Psalms 73, 77-78

1.      In Psalm 73 identify where you find the following and what they are:






2.     Who was Asaph?

V.     Friday —1Chronicles 6

1.      In what way is the family of Levi differentiated from the other families?

VI.    Saturday — Psalms 81, 88, 92-93

1.      How accurately do you think Psalm 81 reflects God’s frustration and with who?    

2.     What lesson should we take from Psalm 81:15 in how we have compassion toward people in church? 

3.     Psalm 88 is a “lament” which means what, and how does that aid the saint?

4.     According to Psalms 92 & 93 why is it good to give thanks to the Lord?

VII.   Sunday — 1Chronicles 7-10

1.      What does chapter 9 reveal about repatriation of cities after the exile?

2.     What do you think the reminder of King Saul was designed to teach those returning to Israel?