Bible Proficiency Project
Week 15, 2019

I.      Monday — 1Samuel 4-8

1.      What was the significance of the capture of the Ark of the Covenant and Eli’s death?

2.     In 6:6 there is a comparison to Egypt from which the Philistines are to learn what lesson?

3.     What was the great sin of Beth Shemesh and what does that teach us about worship?

4.     What is significant about the word Ebenezer [7:12]?

5.     Why did the people demand a king according to their demand [8:5]?

II.     Tuesday — 1Samuel 9-12

1.      Why did the people demand a king according to God [8:7, 10:19, 12:12]?

2.     According to [10:6] is this a conversion experience?

3.     What does [10:25] the behavior of royalty mean?

4.     What is Samuel’s expressed concern Saul’s coronation?

III.    Wednesday — 1Samuel 13-14

1.      In Saul’s first victory he gives credit to God and makes sacrifice.

        What is the turning point in Saul’s reign in his relationship to God?  [13:13]

2.     Why did King Saul declare that his son Jonathan was to be put to death?

3.     What preserved Jonathan from execution?


IV.   Thursday – 1Samuel 15-17

1.      In chapter 15 why is God grieved by Saul? What does v. 9 teach us about offerings to God?

2.     What is Saul’s great sin? [15; 17]

3.     How did God reveal his choice for king? [16]

4.     What does 16:7 have to teach us about selecting leaders?

5.     What is the contrast in man’s way v. God’s way in the encounter with Goliath?

V.     Friday —1Samuel 18-20, Psalm 11, 59

1.      What lesson is in David behaved wisely in all his ways, and the Lord was with him?

2.     Why did Saul consider David his enemy?

3.     What did Jonathan sacrifice in order to serve David as God’s anointed king?

4.     What was Saul’s plan behind proposing David marry one of his daughters?

5.     What do Psalms 11 and 59 reflect is going on in David’s life?

VI.   Saturday — 1Samuel 21-24

1.      Why did David go to Nob? 

2.     What happened at the cave of En Gedi? 

3.     What prevented David doing harm to Saul?

VII.   Sunday — Psalm 7, 27, 31, 34, 52

1.      How does David often seem to express a sense of God being distant in his prayers?

2.     In what way does David demonstrate a deep faith in God’s deliverance?