Bible Proficiency Project
Week 14, 2019

I.      Monday — Judges 8-9

1.      How many Midianites had been killed in the first battle? How many did Gideon and his 300 men pursue?

        How do you explain the mass destruction of the Midian army by Gideon?

2.     In the consequences upon Succoth and Penuel what do we learn will happen to those who do not help

        God’s army?

3.     What was the reason Gideon gave why he would not rule over the men of Israel?

4.     Gideon made an ephod from golden earrings given to him. How much did the ephod weigh,

        and what was its purpose? Why did this become a snare to Israel?

5.     Who was Abimelech and what evil did he do?

II.     Tuesday — Judges 10-12

1.      What phrase describes the act that triggers a new cycle that calls for a Judge?

2.     What was odd about Jephthah being enlisted as a Judge?

3.     What principle is on display in 11:26?

4.     What does Jephthah’s vow teach us about who he was?

III.    Wednesday — Judges 13-15

1.      Name two ways in which Samson was different from other Judges?

2.     What is a Nazarite and how is that significant in the story of Samson? 

3.     How does God use Samson’s riddle to push him in his role as a Judge?

4.     What happened to Samson’s wife and what did that lead to?

IV.    Thursday – Judges 16-18

1.      Did Samson’s strength come from his long hair? (Explain) 

2.     According to 16:20 what made Samson weak? 

3.     What “contest” is in play when Samson dies? Was this suicide on Samson’s part?

4.     What problems do you see with the young Levite priest in Micah’s house?

5.     How is the failings of the priest compounded in tribe of Dan?

V.     Friday —Judges  19-21

1.      Who were the men of Gibeah and what was so perverted about the city? 

2.     Why did the husband divide his wife into 12 pieces and what did it lead to? 

3.     Why do you think so many Israelites were slain going against Benjamin? 

4.     How was the tribe of Benjamin threatened to extinction and what was the remedy? 

5.     In these final chapters a new refrain arises, there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his

        own eyes. What is the historical significance of this? 

VI.    Saturday — Ruth 1-4

1.      Why is the Book of Ruth important? 

2.     What is significant about Boaz? 

VII.   Sunday — 1Samuel 1-3

1.      How was Hannah’s desire heard by God?

2.     What contrast is presented between the House of Eli and the ministry of Samuel?