Bible Proficiency Project
Week 13, 2019

I.      Monday — Joshua 12-15

1.      What is the primary point to be gleaned from the fact the Promised Land was divided by lot

        (13:6, 14:2, 15:1, 18:6, 19:51)?

2.     Why was Caleb’s tribe given Hebron (14:13) instead of being given land by draw of the lot?

        How does that reconcile with 15:1?

3.     What was peculiar about the lands that Caleb requested?

4.     List what characterized Caleb that God blessed him, and how that should help us aspire to a similar


II.     Tuesday — Joshua 16-18

1.      What difficulty did the half tribe of Manasseh face securing their land in the west (17:12)

        and how did they resolve the trouble? What “red flag” can you see here?

2.     Where did Israel set up the Tabernacle after they subdued the land?

3.     How many tribes had yet to receive their inheritance at this point and why not?

4.     What did Joshua command the tribes to do regarding receiving their inheritance?

III.    Wednesday — Joshua 19-21

1.      Where and how did Joshua receive his inheritance?

2.     What are cities of Refuge and how many are there? 

3.     What were the qualifications for one to be able to enter and leave a city of refuge?

4.     Where did the Levites live (how many cities and common lands) and how was it determined?

5.     What lesson do we learn about the promises of God in 21:43-45?

IV.    Thursday – Joshua 22-24

1.      What was Joshua’s exhortation to the 2 ½ tribes of men going back home to the east? 

2.     What controversial action did they take before crossing the Jordan that the other tribes rose up against? 

3.     How was the controversy resolved and what does it teach us about rushing to judgment?

4.     Joshua’s final challenge in 24:14-15 to the people is a perpetual call to what?

V.     Friday —Judges  1-2

1.      Who is the Angel of Lord in 2:1? 

2.     In what way did the people not obey the voice of the Angel of the Lord and what was the consequence

        going to be? 

3.     How does Judges 2:10 demonstrate a failure in the Promised Land? 

4.     Judges 2:11-19 establishes what cycle that becomes the basis for the whole book of Judges? 

VI.   Saturday — Judges 3-5

1.      Why were Judges needed and what were they called to do? 

2.     When was the Judge sent by God? 

3.     What was the cause for Israel to return to doing evil and what does it says about God’s people?

VII.  Sunday — Judges 6-7

1.      Where did God first appear to Gideon and what proofs did Gideon request?

2.     What was unusual about how Gideon got his army and what was their battle cry?