Bible Proficiency Project
Week 3, 2019

I.        Monday — Job 40-42
1.        In what way does God’s question to Job in 40:1 address discontentment in your life?
2.       Does God reveal the sin of Job in 40:11-12 and if so what is it?
3.       What is God’s remedy to this sin that He reveals in his illustration of the behemoth and the

4.       What does Job do to demonstrate his understanding has been corrected?
5.       What was required of Job before God restored his losses?

II.       Tuesday — Genesis 12-15
1.        What does God require and promise Abram in this first covenant with him [Ch 12]?
2.       What happens in Egypt that shows Abram needs to grow in his faith?
3.       What happened as a result of the strife between Abram and Lot and what challenge does

          it present to our decision making process in serving the Lord?
4.       Who is Melchizedek and why is Jesus called a priest forever after the order of

          Melchizedek in Heb 7:17?
5.       What covenant promise is given Abram in chapter 15 and how was the covenant sealed?

III.      Wednesday — Genesis 16-18
1.        Does God ever make a covenant promise that He fails to keep and what happened to

          teach Abram this lesson?
2.       What is the sign of the covenant given in chapter 17 and how is it connected to the

          promise of the land?
3.       In what way does the teaching about circumcision in the OT point to the sacrament of

          baptism in the NT?
4.       What does the sign of circumcision and sacrament of baptism represent besides being

          included as part of God’s covenant people?

IV.      Thursday – Genesis 19-21
1.        What can we learn from this story about the promises of God? (cf 2Pt. 2:6-10, 3:7-12)
2.       What right does a loving God have to destroy these cities and all the people? Does he still

          have the right?
3.       Could it be possible that when God brings His destructive judgment upon the earth that

          some people might perish even though they were really believers?
4.       What does the Bible say about the matter of homosexuality?
5.       Would God condemn an action of someone that is “normal” and over which they have no

6.       Why did Abraham send Hagar and Ishmael away into the wilderness and was this a cruel


V.       Friday —Genesis 22-24
1.        Is there ever a time when God’s commands are unreasonable?
2.       Does God always have a purpose in mind when he requires something of us?
3.       Do we always fully understand the purposes of God?
4.       How does Abraham become an example to our attitude toward obedience?
5.       How does Isaac being offered teach us about the person and work of Jesus?
6.       Why was it important that Sarah’s tomb was owned by Abraham?
7.       How does the providence of God enter into marriage, when it comes to the choice of a


VI.      Saturday — Genesis 25-26
1.        How does the choice of Jacob over Esau show what is meant by god’s Unconditional

          Election? (cf. Ro. 9:11-16)

VII.     Sunday — Genesis 27-29
1.        Did Esau and Jacob get everything they deserved?
2.       What was Rebekah’s role in carrying out God’s will?
3.       Why does Isaac send Jacob off to obtain a wife and not Esau?
4.       What happens when Jacob sees the ladder that reached into heaven?