Bible Proficiency Project
Week 2, 2019

I.     Monday — Job 17-20
1.     Over the course of this week’s reading list the ailments Job was suffering.
2.    What can you sense about Job’s spirit at this point in his being tested?
3.    What characteristic is Job clinging to in 17:8-9 and in what way do you see Christ here?
4.    What does Bildad conclude is Job’s state in chapter 18 and Zophar in chapter 20?
5.    How does Job see his future in chapter 19 and evaluate the “advice” of his friends?

II.    Tuesday — Job 21-23
1.     In what way is 21:13-14 a warning to be meditated upon?
2.    On what basis does Job say the words of his friends are empty in 21:34?
3.    In chapter 22 what sins does Eliphaz accuse Job of?
4.    In chapter 23 Job desires to present his defense to God. In what way does verse 10 reflect

       Job’s self-examination and in what way should you be able to know yourself?

III.   Wednesday — Job 24-28
1.     What pressing question regarding the world does Job struggle with in chapter 24?
2.    What great distinction does Bildad appeal to in chapter 25?
3.    Why does Job question the usefulness of his friend’s counsel in chapter 26?
4.    How does Job defend himself in chapter 27 and then turn the tables on his friends
5.    How does Job answer the question of where wisdom comes from in chapter 28?

IV.   Thursday – Job 29-31
1.     Outline Job’s presentation of his life in chapters 29-31.
2.    What is Job calling for in 31:35?

V.    Friday —Job 32-34

1.     Why did Job’s friends stop counseling him?
2.    Why was Job’s anger aroused against his friends, and what does that teach us about

       counseling others?
3.    Is Elihu correct when he says that Job contends against God [33:13]?
4.    In chapter 34 Elihu finds fault with Job’s righteous character on what basis?
5.    Was Job guilty of rebelling against God’s will by questioning the bad things happening to him?

VI.   Saturday — Job 35-37
1.     What is the basis or subject Elihu appeals to for most of instruction to answer Job?
2.    List the attributes of God Elihu mentions in his discussion in chapters 35-37.

VII.  Sunday — Job 38-39
1.     How does Job finally get his “answer” to his complaint?
2.    What is in the forefront of God’s answer to Job that humbles him?
3.    What is surprisingly absent in God’s response to Job?
4.    What do you think Job is being taught about himself in God’s response?