Bible Proficiency Project
Week 17, 4/27 - 5/2, 2020

Sunday in Bethany - March AD 33

I.     Monday —  Matthew 20:1-16  Parable of the Vineyard Laborers

1.     Was the vineyard owner unfair to the workers first hired (why or why not)?

2.    How would you respond to a person who said if you give one kid a piece of your gum you have to give

       everyone a piece? Discuss this in terms of the eighth commandment.

3.    What does this teach us about our reward in heaven?

II.    Tuesday — John 10:22-42 The Feast of the Dedication

1.     What is another name for the Feast of Dedication and what did it celebrate?

2.    What was the first challenge that Jesus was confronted with and how did He handle it?

3.    What did this group accuse Jesus of being guilty of (verse 33) and how is it a proof of Jesus’ response to

       their first challenge?

4.    Where does Jesus retreat to from Jerusalem and what contrast is presented for us?

III.   Wednesday — John 11:1-57  Lazarus is Raised From the Dead

1.     How far is Bethany from Jerusalem and where was Jesus at this time (how far in terms of travel)?

2.    Why does Jesus wait two days after hearing Lazarus was sick before leaving for Bethany?

3.    What is the primary lesson Jesus teaches in this story?

4.    In what way do we learn Jesus’ purpose in verses 41-42?

5.    What was the response of the religious elite and of Caiaphas to this resurrection of Lazarus?

6.    Because of this incident why could Jesus no longer walk openly?

IV.   Thursday – Matthew 20:17-28, Mark 10:32-45  Greatness Through Service

1.     Do you think the disciples understood what Jesus was saying about this trip to Jerusalem?

2.    What caused jealousy to arise among the disciples?

3.    What error did they make in their request?

4.    What cup would they share with Jesus?

5.    According to Jesus’ instruction what should a Christian strive for in their life now?

V.    Friday — Matthew 20:29-34, Mk 10:46-52  The Blind are Healed

1.     In what way do the two blind men exhibit faith in Jesus as the Christ?

2.    Are the stories in Matthew and Mark the same story?

VI.   Saturday —Luke 18:31-43  The Third Prediction

1.     What do the three Gospel passages reveal about Jesus’ third prediction?

2.    Even though Jesus speaks so clearly here, why do you think the disciples fail to understand Jesus 

       description of what is going to happen?


I.     Monday —Matthew 20:1-16  Parable of the Vineyard Laborers

1.     The owner was fair in that he gave them exactly what he promised to give them.  With regards to paying

       those who worked a lesser time he was not only within his rights, but demonstrated his generosity.

2.    If something belongs to you, you have the right to do with it as you see fit as long as it is used lawfully.

3.    Our reward in heaven will not be based upon our length of service nor the effort we put in but according to

       God’s gracious provision. However, I would say that the grace God extends to the believer in this life that

       shows itself in terms of service to others points to reward in heaven, not earned but given.

II.    Tuesday — John 10:22-42 The Feast of the Dedication

1.     Hannukkah. It remembered the re-dedication of the Temple in 165 B.C. by Judas Maccabeus.

2.    Jesus was surrounded by a group (verse 24) who demanded for Jesus to tell them plainly if He was the

       Christ. He responded by saying I have told you plainly but you refuse to believe Me because you are not of

       My sheep.

3.    They took up stones to kill Him for blasphemy demonstrating that they did understand that He clearly said

       He was the Christ. Their taking up stones only proved His response true that they refused to believe what

       He plainly said. Anyone who claims Jesus never said He was God are proven wrong by this passage ( and


4.    Jesus retreats to Perea, an area beyond the Jordan river in the wilderness where John the Baptist had

       ministered. Here the people remembered John’s words about Jesus and acknowledged that all John had

       said was true of Jesus. As such many believed Jesus to be the One that John had proclaimed was coming.

III.   Wednesday — John 11:1-57  Lazarus is Raised From the Dead

1.     Bethany was less than two miles (v. 18) from Jerusalem and so Jesus would often stay there during

       Jerusalem festivals and walk back and forth. However, at this time Jesus had traveled to the Perea region

       which was about 20 miles or one days travel.

2.    Because the raising of Lazarus from the dead was the last sign and miracle of Jesus’ earthly ministry. The

       resurrection of Lazarus would point to Jesus’ own resurrection. Thus Jesus intentionally waits until Lazarus

       is dead and laid in the tomb (v. 11-15).

3.    That not only does He have power to bring Lazarus back but that He is the resurrection and the life, that is

       He is the one who controls life and death (24-26).

4.    Jesus verbal prayers were for the benefit of those who would hear them. And here Jesus makes clear that

       this resurrection was to lead people to believe that Jesus was sent from God as He had been teaching for

       three years.

5.    The religious elite were afraid that if the people believed in Jesus as the Christ the Romans would come

       and remove the Jewish nation (v. 48), but the High Priest Caiaphas (vv. 49-52) prophesied that Jesus would

       die for the nation and gather the children of God scattered abroad.

6.    From this point on the Jewish leadership sought to kill Jesus and looked for the right opportunity to seize


IV.  Thursday – Matthew 20:17-28, Mark 10:32-45  Greatness Through Service

1.     While Jesus spoke very clearly here about what was coming the disciples don’t seem to get it.

2.    James and John made request that they might be elevated above the others in the kingdom when Jesus

       was exalted as king.

3.    It seems they still believe Jesus will become king of an earthly empire and they want to have power and

       preeminence over other men.

4.    They would be persecuted and most of the disciples would be crucified or executed for being the disciples

       of Jesus. James was thrown off of the pinnacle of the temple and beaten to death, however John lived and

       died of old age.

5.    Being a servant of God and serving others in the name of Christ.

V.    Friday — Matthew 20:29-34, Mk 10:46-52  The Blind are Healed

1.     They cry out to Him as “So n of David” a title for the Christ, they ask Him to open their eyes demonstrating

       a belief in His power to heal, and then when they are healed they follow or become followers of Jesus as


2.    They are of such similar detail (along with Luke 18:35-43) that they must be the same account. However,

       there is need to reconcile what appear to be differences. In particular were they healed on Jesus going

       into or out of Jericho? The explanation seems to be that while the blind men called out while Jesus passed

       by on His way into Jericho He actually healed them on His way out. As to whether it was one or two there

       is no conflict here as often a different focus between synoptic appears. Matthew having been there

       recounts that there were two. But Luke and Mark focus on Batimeus as he seemed to be a poor man who

       was of some reputation and know to many.

VI.   Saturday —Luke 18:31-43  The Third Prediction

1.     That in His going up to Jerusalem, now is the time when all the prophecies about what was to happen to

       the Christ would be fulfilled.

2.    It says in v. 34 that this saying was hidden from them. This teaches us that in our understanding of truth we

       are wholly reliant upon God to give us understanding and that God does that according to His timing to

       serve His purpose in our lives. Thus, we are to study, pray and wait upon the Lord.